MtG: Bloomburrow Commander Party

10:30am, Sunday 18th August, 2024


$20.00 each
40 tickets left
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Bloomburrow Commander Party

Join in the Commander Party for a great day of Commander play plus every player will take away an Bloomburrow Play Booster and a foil promo card; Costly Plunder!

At Bloomburrow Commander Party, players choose a Party Card aligned with one of the ten groups of animal folk residing in Bloomburrow and make their way around a wheel of seasons. Some seasons bring bountiful harvest and good weather, while others shake up the game board for everyone.
Players will have to work creatively using their animalfolk's special skills if they aim to win!


Commander Party

Format: Commander

Price: $20

Time: 10:30am

Date: Sunday 18 August 2024

Prizes: Cool spot prizes will be handed out on the day. Plus every player will take away a Bloomburrow play booster pack, plus an FOIL promo card, Heirloom Blade*

*while stocks last