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Aether Revolt Pre-release At HobbyMaster!

The Aether Revolt pre-release is closing in, official previews start on the 2nd of January. So before the hype hits get in and pre-register for your Aether Revolt pre-release at Hobbymaster. You can book in-store or online at Hobbymaster.co.nz. Plus all players who book in for all six pre-releases go into a draw for a Planechase Anthology set. So check out our pre-release events online or head in-store and get signed up in person.

For any inquiries give the Hobbymaster team a call Hobbymaster Takapuna on (09) 489 2750 or Hobbymaster Ellerslie on (09) 526 5068 or email us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz



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