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Battle Of Zendikar Weekend Events!

Last weekend Hobbymaster Ellerslie was host to a bunch of standard players and in the end it was Esper Dragons vs Atarka RG. Nathan Samu with his Become Immense and Temur Battle Rage took the victory. So this weekend standard in both forms is back at both Hobbymaster stores. 

This Saturday we have all the following events...

11am - We have Pauper standard event. The rules are simple all decks can only contain commons! No uncommons, no rares, no mythics (and definitely no Jace!) Entry is $5 with booster prizes.

12pm - If you want to play with the big guns join us for our Win-A-Fatpack standard. Just $10 entry with booster prizes and first takes home the now impossible to find Battle for Zendikar Fat Pack. 

3pm - If you prefer limited then drop in for our Battle for Zendikar drafts at 3pm. Entry is $20 with booster prizes for all players.
So this weekend we have it all wrapped up, standard, limited and plenty of Battle for Zendikar action.

Please note events are at both Hobbymaster stores, Ellerslie and Takapuna.

For any inquiries give the Hobbymaster team a call Hobbymaster Takapuna on (09) 489 2750 or Hobbymaster Ellerslie on (09) 526 5068 or email us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz


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