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Current Modern League

Modern League 5 2017 Standings


HobbyMaster Ellerslie’s Modern leagues provide both an immediate and long-term goal for players. Here we track any given player’s standings in the league against all of the other active players. Find out how you stack up against your fellow competitors and battle for the end of league prizes!


HobbyMaster Ellerslie Modern League 5 2017 standings September 26th – November 14th




A player competing in a league will receive one league point per match point at any given event, as well as one league point for each league event attended. This rewards players both for doing consistently well, but also for being in regular attendance at events, so make sure you come along as often as possible to get ahead!

Points for the HMCS will be added from week to week, but prizegiving for this league will take place on 21st of November before the next league begins. Please allow for additional time if you are attending this event, as the prizegiving can chew into the event’s start time.


Want to get ahead of the curve for Tuesday night league? You can sign up for each individual event using the event links below:


League 5 

Week 1 26/09/2017

Week 2 03/10/2017

Week 3 10/10/2017

Week 4 17/10/2017

Week 5 24/10/2017

Week 6 31/11/2017

Week 7 07/11/2017

Week 8 14/11/2017

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