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Down To Brew - Paradox Engine

(repeat this indefinitely)

That is how I envision a Paradox Engine deck to go. For those who don't know, 
Paradox Engine is a wonderful artifact from Aether Revolt that has a rather interesting ability...

This card is obviously for combo decks. It's an easy build around in modern/casual and fits into a few commander decks, but here's the real question: how do we most effectively use it in standard? We need a way to consistently cast spells. Here's some ways i've come up with:

So far, my most effective use of Paradox Engine is with Spectral Shepherd. Here's how it goes...
We cast a cheap spirit. Untap a bunch of mana dorks/rocks, then tap them for mana. We use Spectral Shepherd to put it back in our hand. Cast it. Untap. Use that mana to cast the spell and bounce it back to hand again. Repeat.

Now what we need are ways to profit from this. I have a few cards that I think will work in this slot.

The first is Aetherflux Reservoir. This is a classic standard combo card that holds a special place in my heart. This deck is a very fun way to abuse the card and gain infinite life (assuming the opponent doesn't interrupt the combo!) It can also be found using Glint-Nest Crane, which we'd probably be playing anyway to find 
Paradox Engine.

The other immediate (same turn as using combo) wincon is Fall of the Titans. We're probably going to netting mana every time we do the loop, so we can eventually get enough to hit the opponent for lethal just with this. It does use 1 red mana, but this shouldn't be a problem with most/all of the mana dorks making mana of any colour.

Another thing we could use this mana for is a fat Eldrazi titan or three. With the banning of Emrakul, we have to look elsewhere- Ulamog would work well and maybe even Kozilek if you feel like casting more spells.

If you're playing 
Ulamog and/or Kozilek, you may want to play Aviary Mechanic and Eldrazi Displacer so that you can return them to your hand and get their cast triggers again to exile all of your opponents permanents and draw all the cards!

Another thing to play around with is Greenwarden of Murasa. It allows you to be recasting an instant or sorcery instead of a creature, and you can flicker it with 
Eldrazi Displacer to get the card back again, and again, and again...

Get creative with your wincons- with 
Paradox Engine, anything is possible!

One of the most appealing things for me with combo decks is when combos pieces help not only in the combo, but with assembling the combo as well. This deck is a prime example of that. Part of the combo is a lot of mana dorks/rocks, which can let us cast our other pieces faster! There are a few options to take up these slots. Loam Dryad, Lifespring Druid, Cryptolith Rite, Hedron Archive and Cultivator's Caravan are my picks for the best ones. Servant of the Conduit, although the best ramp card in standard, requires energy to be activated. It may work in another version of this deck that can make that energy, but it doesn't belong here.

Quicksmith Spy is also a nice fit for this deck. It provides another body to tap for mana with 
Loam Dryad or Cryptolith Rite and can target Paradox Engine with its ability so that we get to draw a card each time we go through the loop. Duskwatch Recruiter can also give us cards and find combo pieces. I would advize you to play at least one of these, if not both. Glint-Nest Crane is another card advantage creature, but it's not a repeatable effect unless we have Eldrazi Displacer and it's just generally weaker card advantage as it only finds artifacts. It should be played anyway as a 3 or 4-of, as it is the best card to find Paradox Engine and Aetherflux Reservoir (if you're going down that route)

In terms of a cheap spirit to bounce with 
Spectral Shepherd. my picks are Topplegeist and Mausoleum WandererMausoleum Wanderer can protect something using its counterspell ability and end up presenting lethal from its pump ability (assuming it's not the spirit being bounced and replayed) Topplegeist taps down blockers if that's something you need.

Aether Revolt hasn't been entirely spoiled yet, so if you're considering building a 
Paradox Engine deck, make sure to play around a bit and figure out the right deck for you. The deck I've envisioned is Bant (Green/White/Blue) and casts the same spell over and over by bouncing it, but maybe your one is a different colour compisition and has a different way of casting lots of spells? Have fun experimenting. If you come up with someone cool, I'd love to hear about it! You can find me through the Hobbymaster Facebook group.

Have fun experimenting! I'll see you on the battlefield.



 Joshua is a high school student who started playing Magic during M15 at the age of 12 and has been in love with it ever since.




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