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Friday Night Keyforge

Archons, we call you to fight, forge keys, and open vaults here at Hobbymaster Event Centre! Play in events every Friday night, open new decks and enjoy the brilliant game from Richard Garfield called Keyforge!


Keyforge: Sealed

6:30pm, Every Friday


 In this event you are given a sealed Keyforge booster (sealed) and use that deck to play 3 best-of-1 rounds against a series of different opponents! Top players will be taking away extra ticket prizes and everyone will receive at least 1 ticket. 

Keyforge's Sealed format is a test of your ability to adapt to your card pool, as well as a test of your luck. Let's see how you do to forge those keys!


Keyforge  Sealed

Format: Swiss Best-of-1 Sealed

Start Time: 6:30pm

Entry Fee: $25

Prizes: Each player will receive a ticket in addition to keeping the Keyforge deck they opened. Top players in the pod will also receive additional tickets.


Then, if you're still in the mood for Keyforge we have a Chainbound event! Chainbound is an event that requires you to register your deck to your Keyforge Vault account, and adds Chains to affect your deck the more powerful it is! Keyforge  Sealed

Format: Swiss Best-of-1 Sealed

Start Time: 8:30pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Prizes: Prizes from the Organised Play kit available!

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