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Hobbymaster - Two Stores, Big Updates

Hobbymaster - Two Stores, Big Updates

It’s now only days away from the Hobbymaster Ellerslie opening and we thought it might be a good time to give you an update on our two stores and the Hobbymaster website.


-          Hobbymaster Takapuna is not going anywhere! We will still be operating all our great events and have the same great range of Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Boardgames and Games Workshop we have always had.  However a good chunk of our singles range has moved to our Greenlane Gaming Centre.  The Takapuna store still has a large range of Singles from Return to Ravnica block onwards and as time goes on we will continually be adding to the stores stock.  If there are cards you are looking for that are not available in Takapuna our friendly staff can order from our Ellerslie Gaming Centre and they will be available in-store with 48 hours. 


-          Our Ellerslie Gaming Centre opens this Friday and will have a full weekend of events and like our Takapuna store will offer a full range of gaming products.  Our Hobbymaster online store will also be situated in-store with our full range of singles as well as some items that have never been seen before.


-          As mentioned above our online store has shifted locations from Takapuna to Greenlane.  If you currently order online and have your cards delivered you will notice no changes at all.  However if you choose in-store pick up you will have the option to pick up at either store.  If you choose to pick up at Takapuna there will be a 48 hour delay as we will have to ship your items from Greenlane to Takapuna.  Otherwise remember all singles orders over $10 do qualify for free NZ post.


So as we march onwards there are a heap of changes still to come and we hope to amaze you all.  If you have any questions relating to either store or our online services please email us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz or message us on Facebook.

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