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Hobbymaster Championship Circuit: Modern And Standard Cash Prize Tournaments!

Magic players!

Hobbymaster Event Centre is proud to announce some exciting news. Starting in September, we will be hosting monthly tournaments with cash prizes!

With both Modern and Standard in the lineup, the Hobbymaster Championship will run for eight months before culminating in a 8-man single elimination play off for awesome prizes, and the their name put down in the Hobbymaster Hall-of-Fame!

Each month will have two tournaments; Modern on the first Saturday and Standard on the second. $25 entry, each player will be putting $10 cash* into the prize pool for first, and $15 will be put towards the judge pay and the Top 8 (if >31 players) or Top 16 (32< players) prizes! These events will be Competitive REL and attended to by a Judge.

As we felt the New Zealand MTG scene was lacking consistent competitive events, we have stepped forward to fill that space. We hope that this will provide players a place to hone their skills, test out new, effective brews and to truly put their decks to the test alongside other competitive events like Grand Prixs and PPTQs.

*$25 Pre-register, $30 on the day. Pre-registration closes on the Friday prior to the event at 9:30pm.

**The cash will be transferred by bank deposit or paypal at the winner's discretion.

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