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Hobbymaster Championship Series Ladder

Hobbymaster is committed to bringing you the absolute best in all things Magic: The Gathering - We work hard every day to ensure you can get the singles you need, to run the events that appeal to you, and to give you the Magic fix you crave!

Hobbymaster Championship Series just kicked off last weekend (28th an 29th July) introducing a whole new system of rewards! the Championship Ladder allows seasonal winners to receive discounts and free entry to future events at Hobbymaster stores!



Each season is set to last for three (3) months. The inaugural season will commence on the date of the first HMCS event -29th of July 2017- and will stretch through until the 31st of October 2017, after which date rankings and all rankings will be announced!

Rewards for the first season will be in effect from 1st of November 2017, until the end of Season 2 on 31st of January 2018.

It is important to note that in order to be eligible for the Hobbymaster Championship Ladder, your Hobbymaster profile will need to be updated to include your DCI number, and the name associated with your DCI number. For the first set of HMCS events, we will be able to backdate the results to be added within a grace period of one week. If you are unsure as to which DCI number we have associated with your name, please email admin@hobbymaster.co.nz to inquire.

You can track your live points in your profile under ‘Season Points’ and your current standing under the ‘Season Points’ tab in the main banner of the Hobbymaster site.

We aim to provide you guys with the highest quality events in New Zealand, and we hope that the Hobbymaster Championship Series Ladder delivers on what we promise. Again, we have to extend a massive thank you to all of the players involved in helping to build the great community that you all get to experience, and we hope to see you at Hobbymaster’s events in the future!


Happy spell slinging,


The Hobbymaster team

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