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Hobbymaster During The Lockdown

As  you're all aware, the country will be in lockdown over the next four weeks. 
While we had initially planned to be able to continue sending out orders, it looks like that will not be possible.As such, while we can still  take online orders, we will be unable to send them out until the government has lifted the lockdown.

The store will also be closed fully for the next four weeks. 

For  MTG customers, currently the Ikoria prerelease has been cancelled, WotC is deciding on what to do for the release weekend, we will update as we know.

For FaBtcg customers, Arcane rising will still be shipping out as normal, including singles.

If you have any enquiries, we will be staffing our email: hobbymaster.online@gmail.com and will be replying via our facebook page, so don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope you  all take care and keep safe, we look forward to seeing you all as soon as we're able,
The Hobbymaster team,


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