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Hobbymaster Now Uses DPS Payments!

We're always trying to improve our hobbymaster website with the aim to make your experience with us top notch. After much feedback with our paypal system, we're chuffed to announce that we're now using DPS payments to handle all your credit card and bank deposit transactions!
DPS Payments is:
- Safe and Secure. We don't keep ANY of your bank or credit card details with us.
- Fast and Reliable. We were having some issues with Paypal not being reliable. DPS is solid and super reliable. On ya mate.
- Accepts all MAJOR credit cards.
- DPS has a new account2account feature, which is similar to internet banking, except the funds instantly transfer. No more waiting around!

If you have any questions about our new DPS payments system, or how we can help improve your experience, let us know at info@hobbymaster.co.nz

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