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Khans Of Tarkir Pre-Orders Now Up

Pre-release is just around the corner and everyone one is clawing for a chance to pick up this amazing set.  Vagabond Takapuna is proud to present pre-orders for Khans of Tarkir open!!!

Our pre-orders can be made on the Hobby Master website or in-store at Vagabond Takapuna.  All items need to be pre-paid and we expect this set to sell out so get in those orders with us.  As usual we have the a great range of Khans products at the best prices.  Pre-orders open from the 2/9/14 and you can take advantage of pre-order prices up until the 15/9/14.

Khans of Tarkir Pre-Orders

Booster Boxes $149

Fat Packs $45

Gift Pack $209 (this consists of 1xBooster Box, 1xFat Pack and 1xIntro Deck)

Intro Deck Set $95 (This consists of 1 of each Intro deck)

Intro Decks $20

Pre-payment is required for all pre-orders and these items will be available for in-store pick up from the release date of the 26/9/14 otherwise all items will ship on the 26/9/14 (please note since these items ship on a Friday to receive them earlier than Monday you will need to choose Saturday shipping)

Khans of Tarkir Pre-Order Page

For further information contact us on (09) 4892750 or info@Hobbymaster.co.nz

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