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Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release

Ravnica Allegiance pre-release weekend is almost here! Come along and play some awesome sealed matches with our local Magic the Gathering community! Remember you can pick up your booster boxes and buy a box promos a week early at our pre-release events so don't miss out!

Book tickets for our numerous pre-release weekend events online here:

Midnight: https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/2526
Saturday 10am: https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/2529
Saturday 2pm: https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/2527
Saturday 6PM: https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/2528
Sunday 10am: https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/2531
Sunday 2pm: 

For any inquiries give the Hobbymaster Event Centre team a call on (09) 526 5068 or email us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz

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