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War Of The Spark: Prerelease!

Pre-release has arrived! 

War of the Spark is only a week away from arriving, and this is your first chance to get at the cards in the set!
Come and share in the experience with thousands of Magic: The Gathering players from around the world. 

By entering in the event, each player will recieve a pre-release kit containing 6 War of the Spark boosters to make a sealed deck. They may use the promotional foil included in that deck if they so wish.

You can find tickets to each event here:

Midnight Prerelease

10am Saturday
2pm Saturday
6pm Saturday - 2HG

10am Sunday
2pm Sunday - 2HG


Payment for Pre-registration can only be done online.
Registration will still be available in-store on the day until capacity is reached or the event starts.

Please ensure you are there at least twenty minutes before the event starts to avoid any hassle.

A Wizard's of the Coast DCI number is required to play in the event. Please make sure to have one prepared, or to come in at least half an hour before the event to set one up.

Booster boxes of War of the Spark can be picked up along with the Buy-a-box promo over this weekend. 

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