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Welcome To The Eternal Part 1

This Friday kicks off this year’s Eternal Weekend at Hobbymaster Ellerslie. The Eternal Formats are deep and full amazing cards. If you haven’t delved into the Eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage this week we are going to highlight a few of the staples of these formats…

Today we look at two of my favourite cards in the Vintage format…
Dack Fayden – Dack first appeared in the Conspiracy set (and had a comic book series of this own!) and rapidly found a place in Vintage. Like many of the most successful planeswalkers he costs three mana. His Plus One give you the chance to loot away cards you don’t need or to full your graveyard. His minus two is perhaps the most important, being able to steal a Solring, a mox or even something like a Lodestone Golem can be a massive swing in a game. If he isn’t dealt with he can accrue a significant amount of value for its controller.

Bazaar of Baghdad – Is perhaps my favourite card of all time and I have played it in Vintage since I started playing the format. Funnily enough the card didn’t pick up steam till Dredge mechanic saw print in Ravnica: City of Guilds. The Bazaar lets you fuel your dredges with it’s draw two and the allows you to dump your Dredge cards back in the graveyard. Within a small number of activations you can have Graveyard full of Cabal Therapy, Bridge from Below, Ichorids and more.

So while I’m sure there is more to be said about these cards I hope this gives you a taste of the format. Check out the Eternal Weekend this weekend at Hobbymaster Ellerslie.

For further information call Hobbymaster Ellerslie on (09) 526 5068 or email info@hobbymaster.co.nz

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