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World Magic Cup Qualifier@Hobbymaster Ellerslie

WMCQ Weekend is almost upon us and this is your only chance to qualify in Auckland.  Hobbymaster Ellerslie will host three days of events this WMCQ weekend as player’s quest for that elusive worlds spot.

Friday 4th of September – 11am -  WMCQ Last Chance Qualifiers

This is your chance to qualify for the WMCQ if you haven’t already plus if you have already qualified this is your chance to get a first round bye for the main event!  We will be running  these on-demand from 11am and entry to each event is just $10!!! All event entries will go towards store credit prizes.


Friday 4th of September - Friday Night Magic – Join us for our FNM events with Commander, Standard, Modern and Draft.  To celebrate the WMCQ weekend we will be offering extra prizes for each event.  More details to follow.


Saturday 5th of September – World Magic Championship Qualifier – Main Event

Store Opens 9:30am -  Registration from 10am – 11am Main event begins

Format: Modern Constructed

This is it, the Main Event one player will go onto represent New Zealand at Worlds.  Entry for this event is $25 for pre-registration and $30 on the day and is a competitive level event.  All players are required to bring decklists.  This event is not open entry, you must be qualified to play by achieving 200 planeswalker points in the last season (you can check your points here http://www.wizards.com/Magic/PlaneswalkerPoints) or by winning a last chance qualifier the previous day. The winner will take home flights and qualification for Worlds.


Sunday 6th of September -  Unrestricted Modern 500 Tournament

Hobbymaster is bringing you an event never run in the country before, Unrestricted Modern!!! Very simply this is a Modern format event with no Banlist!  If you have been itching to get those Birthing Pods, Deathrite Shamans and Bloodbraid Elf’s back into play this is your chance.  How about playing some of those cards never before seen in the format like Stoneforge Mystic, Jace, The Mind Sculptor and Dread Return. With 36 players or more there will up to $500 in store credit prizes up for grabs.


Sunday 6th of September – All Day Modern Masters 2015 Drafts

We will be running on demand Modern Masters 2015 drafts for our players.


There are more details to follow and pre-registration will be available at Hobbymaster.co.nz shortly.  For more information email us info@hobbymaster.co.nz 

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