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Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance is a 143-card booster-only release that brings four of the most popular DBZ movies to life - Cooler's Revenge, The Return of Cooler, Super Android 13 and Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. Three diabolical villains (and their henchmen) are now playable, including the ultimate Saiyan warrior - Broly. Also find new hero character levels for fan-favorites Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi and Trunks. Collect two explosive and game-changing Ultra Rare cards along with one brand-new Dragon Rare card!
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The battle with Cell comes to an action-packed conclusion in Dragon Ball Z: Awakening! The Earth’s greatest heroes battle against the villainous, perfect weapon in an elimination-style tournament, the Cell Games. Introduce new players into the game with six different tournament-legal, pre-constructed starter decks. Each starter deck includes a 60-card deck, 4 parallels and 6 Prizm technology cards (4 Personality cards, a Mastery and a random parallel). Look for popular heroes such as Goku, Gohan, Trunks and more, as they battle against Cell. Booster packs feature more than 140 brand-new cards that provide players with powerful tools for each deck type. Look for Ultra Rares (every other box, on average) and Dragon Rares (1 per box, on average) that pack the ultimate punch and also bring back some popular cards from older sets.
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Cell, the ultimate android, takes shape in Dragon Ball Z: Perfection. Play with this new villain as he evolves through his Imperfect and Semi-Perfect forms before achieving the ultimate Perfect Cell form. Collect two dynamic and potent Ultra Rare cards along with the new Android 16 character. Perfection also features a fan-favorite foil pattern and Hi-Tech box toppers. This booster-only set includes 142 brand-new cards, adding more cornerstone cards to both Evolution decks and older deck archetypes. Each booster pack contains 12 cards, including 1 rare card. There are 8 Foil Parallels per box plus a Hi-Tech Box Topper. An Ultra Rare card can be found in 1 out of 2 booster boxes.
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Androids take over the Dragon Ball Z TCG universe in the newest release, Evolution! Play as the villainous Android 17, 18, 19 or 20 or take control of the all-new heroic Vegeta (Super Saiyan included). Introduce new players into the game with six different tournament-legal, pre-constructed starter decks. Each starter deck includes a 60-card deck, 4 parallels, and 6 Prizm technology cards. (4 Personality cards, a Mastery, and a random parallel).
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