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There once was a powerful Kung Fu master. Before he passed away, he inscribed onto a scroll his ultimate fighting technique and the ways of achieving that power. Several centuries later, whispers were heard that the ULTIMATE SCROLL HAS BEEN found. THESE rumors spread fast and far, all across the East, reaching the ears of many Martial artists who seek this power. Who will win in this fight for the ultimate scroll?

In the game KA-DOOSH, you get to play as one of the martial artists from the east. You must utilize your actions cards to attack, heal or support yourself, however your cards alone may not ensure victory. Use your hero’s abilities to give you the edge to defeat all other players and becoming the ultimate fighter to obtain the ultimate scroll.
Each hero has unique abilities that gives them an advantage over other heroes and each action cards have their own unique way to help you defeat or survive the fight.
To win in Ka-doosh you must defeat all other players and be the last one standing.

  • Ages 8+

  • 2–8 players

  • Game time = 30–60 minutes

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