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Anaton Tassarius, the captain of the famous Ultramarine fighting team, is an excellent commander and at the same time an unparalleled swordsmen. At hex Grad barbed- also had slaughtered the Colossus at Issen of power Sword, Court to tyrant Shi bloody of Varaddo by blow of the plasma pistol was ruled-out as well, not only a small part of his great achievements. Tassariusu to take command at the forefront of what, say a hero that embodies the Shi handed down from ancient times to the planet Makuragu tradition as.

This push-fit · plastiniature is very elaborate and reproduces Tassarius> with feeling of participating in battle He is equipped with a power sword and plasma pistol, in the posture strike a heroic atmosphere, an eye to the herd of chaos that have committed a folly in the solemn expression that hostile to him are marked. His armor, worthiness to position as a chapter captain of ultramarine brilliant detail not have been subjected to, cloak is mounted with fasteners to the shoulder, iron the back pack Halo, belt buckle, left The knee rests, the right shoulder armor is equipped with  Tassarius can be assembled with a helmet equipped in addition to the real face .

This miniature is a push fit kit molded with 7 pieces of blue plastic This can be stripped from the frame without using nipper and no glue is needed to assemble it. Also included is a decal sheet containing enough fighting teams ( chapters) and military chapters for the entire Space Marine Heroes collection Now round plastic base of 32mm that reproduces the terrain comes with you. In the collector card, the story of Brother Captain Tassarius is listed in the table , while the other is the ability value of Fire, Power, Combat, Armor, Speed, Brave and Tactics.

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