Proud, stoic, and resolute, the Thane of the Forsaken Holds stands as a guardian against all who would seek to visit ruin upon the land of his ancestors, or its people. Accompanied by his Household Guard, his iron skin hide turns aside all but the mightiest of blows or most deadly of blades.

Designed for use with either The Borderlands or The Eternal Glade starter set, this expansion includes everything you need to play add Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind, to your warband.

6 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Rhodri, Thane of the Forsaken Holds
  ‣ 4 Household Guards
  ‣ 1 Rhodri's Banner
3 Profile Cards

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Rulers of the city-state of Nochseed, the Cypher Lords are masters of illusion and deception. They have gazed into the dark heart of Chaos and embraced its infinite madness.Unleash madness, mayhem and utter anarchy on the battlefields of Warcry with the Cypher Lords! This warband set allows you to field these mysterious saboteurs in your games, containing:- 8 multi-part plastic Cypher Lords miniatures - 1 Thrallmaster, 1 Luminate, 3 Mirrorblades and 3 Mindbound.- A Cyper Lords abilities card, allowing you to master the strange and deadly tricks of the Cyper Lords in your battles.- 6 fighter cards for keeping track of your rules at a glance in games.What’s more, these warriors of Hysh are available for use in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar army thanks to a free warscroll available in the Downloads tab.This set is supplied with 1x 32mm round base, 4x 28mm rounds bases, and 3x 25mm round bases.
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Before Lord Voldemort, it was Gellert Grindelwald who caused hell in the Wizarding World, known especially for his desire to create a global order that would dominate Muggles. Expelled from Durmstrang school for ‘twisted experiments’, Grindelwald was the most powerful dark wizard of his age, who threatened to bring the world to its knees.  This finely detailed Gellert Grindelwald model introduces the new Grindelwald’s Army Affiliation, as well the game’s first large-format Spell with bespoke gaming markers. Contents: 1 Detailed ready to paint & assemble resin miniature: Grindelwald 3 Detailed ready to paint & assemble resin markers 1 60mm plastic base 4 30mm plastic base 1 Character card 2 Artefact cards 2 Spell cards 1 Quest card 1 Assembly instructions
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A Horus Heresy novellaRoboute Guilliman’s path through the Ruinstorm crosses through the Charchera system, and here Warsmith Khrossus and a lone company of Iron Warriors have been given a fateful mission. At all costs, they must hold back the Ultramarines…READ IT BECAUSEFor the first time ever, the full truth of why the Ultramarines failed to reach Terra in time for the siege is revealed. Read this novella and discover just how determined the Iron Warriors were to stop the Avenging Son…THE STORYThe Siege of Terra looms, and the fate of the galaxy balances on a razor’s edge. Roboute Guilliman leads the immense fleet of the Ultramarines in a race towards the Throneworld, and such is the power he commands that he could turn the tide of the war in the loyalists’ favour. As determined as Guilliman is to reach Terra, Horus is as resolute in delaying his brother primarch until it is too late. Guilliman’s path through the Ruinstorm crosses through the Charchera system, and here Warsmith Khrossus and a lone company of Iron Warriors have been given a fateful mission. At all costs, they must hold back the Ultramarines. Guilliman foresees the coming ambush, but he has no choice but to plunge into it, and so begins a desperate struggle where the passage of every second could mark the difference between survival or extinction for the Imperium.Written by David Annandale
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Get a head start on your Cities of Sigmar army with this money-saving boxed set! Containing the core of your army, it’ll making getting beginning a new collection simple. Inside, you’ll find a deadly raiding party of Scourge Corsairs, ready to battle for your Anvilgard army – or any Cities of Sigmar force you like!In this set, you'll find:- 1x Black Ark Fleetmaster – a skilled and deadly commander to lead your forces- 10x Black Ark Corsairs – fast-moving and versatile raiders armed with your choice of blades or repeater handbows- 1x Kharibdyss – a terrifying, regenerating monstrosity that can also be assembled as a War Hydra- 1x Scourgerunner Chariot – a rapid-striking, monster-slaying chariot that can also be built as a heavily armoured Drakespawn chariotThis set contains 13 miniatures, and is supplied with 2x 120mm Oval Bases and 11x 25mm Round bases.
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A rich and daring Dark Eldar may surrender himself to the Haemonculi, requesting that his bones be hollowed out, that bands of new muscle be grafted onto his torso, and powerful wings and adrenaline dispensers be attached to his shoulders so that he is capable of true flight. The Kabal overlords pay handsomely for these veteran warriors to fight for them and as a result the Scourges will often equip themselves with the best weaponry and armour that they can find. It is rare for the Scourges to engage the enemy up close, preferring to lay down a withering hail of fire before flying away out of harm's reach.   This multi-part plastic set contains five Dark Eldar Scourges in 80 components, including plenty of weapon upgrades in the form of a shredder, splinter cannon, haywire blaster, heat lance, blaster and a dark lance. There are also several weapon options should you wish to upgrade one of the Scourges into a Solarite to lead the unit. The set includes five 25mm bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
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Into the Guard Tower groundboy! Every Outpost Compound needs a tower to sit in and pick off intruders as they approach…like that pitiful Rebel force hiding in the bushes over there  The Guard Tower can be used perfectly on it’s own, or can be combined with the Forcefield Gate and Outpost Builder Wall Set, thanks to the side cut out slots. The multilevel top allows for some dynamic play, and the included movable utility block and stairs allow you to change up the layout, or combine with your existing terrain. Height wise the main tower is sized to be over Height 1 in Star Wars Legion, making for some movement restriction for some units, while still allowing for troopers to climb to the lower level or access via stairs/ladder. Comes pre-primed in Imperial Grey as shown. Approx main building size: 155mm wide x 165mm high x 120mm deep.Made from laser cut 3mm MDF.
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This AK Interactive Diorama Scenics Series Terrains - Concrete Texture Tub contains 250ml of Acrylic Terrains - Concrete texture paint. Scale concrete texture in a grey shade similar to that of runways and concrete buildings and runways. This is a high quality acrylic product developed for extreme realism. Acrylic product for textures in dioramas. Perfect results in thin or thick layers. It can be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to improve its flow. (AK-8014)
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When famed scientist Bruce Banner saved his friend Rick Jones’ life during a gamma bomb test explosion, he was bombarded with intense gamma radiation. The results of this extreme exposure caused the soft-spoken Banner to transform into a raging green-skinned monster known as the Hulk. While the Hulk has been hated and feared for most of his existence, this fact has not stopped him from using his incredible strength for good, both as part of the mighty Avengers and on his own. The box contains everything players need to add the character to their Marvel: Crisis Protocol collections. Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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Faction: Bayou Bayou Versatile Contents: Lucky Effigy Lucky Emissary (WYR23624)
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