Contains 36 booster packs, each pack contains 15 Magic cards from the Unstable expansion.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons crossover Magic: The Gathering set which replaces the core set of the 2021-2022 standard rotation. It is the 88th Magic expansion and releases on July 23, 2021. The name of the set is often abbreviated to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms or Forgotten Realms.
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  Contains six display boxes. Each factory-sealed display box contains 36 booster packs.  
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Double Masters Release Date: August 7, 2020 332 cards 24 packs per booster box 15-card booster packs, with two rares and two foil cards per pack! (And, yes, those foils can be up to two additional rares.) Two non-foil borderless showcase box topper cards included in each booster box
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Each booster pack includes 15 cards to add to your collection—and you can expect one of those 15 to be a rare or mythic rare. Some packs even contain a premium foil card!
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Each booster pack includes 15 cards to add to your collection—and you can expect one of those 15 to be a rare or mythic rare. Some packs even contain a premium foil card!
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Izzet (Blue-Red) Artifacts "Exquisite Artifacts" Commander 2018 releases August 10, 2018 Description: 1 Saheeli, the Gifted 1 Ancient Stone Idol 1 Bosh, Iron Golem 1 Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer 1 Chief of the Foundry 1 Darksteel Juggernaut 1 Duplicant 1 Etherium Sculptor 1 Geode Golem 1 Hellkite Igniter 1 Inkwell Leviathan 1 Loyal Apprentice 1 Loyal Drake 1 Maverick Thopterist 1 Myr Battlesphere 1 Pilgrim's Eye 1 Psychosis Crawler 1 Scuttling Doom Engine 1 Sharding Sphinx 1 Soul of New Phyrexia 1 Steel Hellkite 1 Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice 1 Thopter Assembly 1 Thopter Engineer 1 Treasure Nabber 1 Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor 1 Vedalken Humiliator 1 Whirler Rogue   1 Aether Gale 1 Blasphemous Act 1 Blinkmoth Urn 1 Chaos Warp 1 Commander's Sphere 1 Coveted Jewel 1 Darksteel Citadel 1 Dreamstone Hedron 1 Echo Storm 1 Enchanter's Bane 1 Endless Atlas 1 Great Furnace 1 Hedron Archive 1 Into the Roil 1 Izzet Signet 1 Magmaquake 1 Magnifying Glass 1 Mimic Vat 1 Mind Stone 1 Mirrorworks 1 Prismatic Lens 1 Prototype Portal 1 Retrofitter Foundry 1 Reverse Engineer 1 Saheeli's Artistry 1 Saheeli's Directive 1 Scrabbling Claws 1 Seat of the Synod 1 Sol Ring 1 Swiftfoot Boots 1 Thirst for Knowledge 1 Thopter Spy Network 1 Tidings 1 Unstable Obelisk 1 Unwinding Clock 1 Vessel of Endless Rest 1 Worn Powerstone   1 Buried Ruin 1 Command Tower 1 Forge of Heroes 1 Foundry of the Consuls 1 Highland Lake 15 Island 1 Izzet Boilerworks 1 Izzet Guildgate 12 Mountain 1 Swiftwater Cliffs
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Back in July 1993, a company called Wizards of the Coast from Seattle, just three years old, released a Collectable Card Game (CCG) called Magic: The Gathering. Played by 2 or more people using cards bought randomly packaged in small sealed packs, over ten million people regularly play today. Now the New Zealand Mint has been awarded the license to product commemorative coins based on the series and from early reports, it’s already a success. Magic: the Gathering games represent a battle between mighty wizards, known as “planeswalkers”, who employ spells, artifacts, and creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents. Although the original concept of the game drew heavily from the motifs of traditional fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, the gameplay of Magic bears little similarity to pencil-and-paper adventure games, while having substantially more cards and more complex rules than many other card games. An organized tournament system and a community of professional Magic players has developed, as has a secondary market for Magic cards. Magic cards can be valuable due to their rarity and utility in gameplay. Often the prices of a single card can be anywhere from a few cents to thousands of dollars, so under $150 for an ounce of silver shouldn’t be too painful.  The display case is nice as well. We should have some much better images soon and will update the post with them. Jace Beleren is a human Planeswalker of incredible intelligence who wields blue magic and is capable of such talents as clairvoyance and illusion. His specialty though, is in the art of inborn telepathy which makes him unique within the multiverse and manifests as spells of mind-reading, illusion, knowledge, and deception. He has a reserved and decadent nature and a troubled conscience for the poor decisions he has made in the past. His mind magic has helped him discover the existence of Planeswalkers and of worlds beyond his own.The coin reverse features original colour artwork by artist Jason Chan. This art was used on the powerful Jace, the Mind Sculptor Planeswalker card from the Magic: The Gathering Worldwake release in 2010. Jace is depicted against a relief engraved background and border design. The obverse features the standard portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank Broadley, and is issued for Niue. Each coin is individually packaged, with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The coins are packaged in a protective inner display case, and housed in high quality branded card outer. SPECIFICATION Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality Box – COA Mintage, pcs 2 DOLLARS (NZ) 0.999 silver 31.1 35.0 x 55.0 PROOF COLOURED Y – Y 5,000
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Choose your college at the most prestigious university for magical learning in Magic’s Multiverse Loaded with rares, foils, special treatments, and more 6 Boxes of boosters 12 Boosters per pack 15 MTG cards + 1 foil token per pack
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