Key Features

  • Upgrade your MKVI Tactical Squad Legionaries into Heavy Support Squads

  • Shred infantry with 10 heavy bolters and blast enemies with 10 missile launchers

  • Extra augury scanners for detecting foes

Heavy Support Squads provide the Legiones Astartes with mobile, infantry-portable firepower sufficient to bring down hordes of enemy troops or smash armoured vehicles apart with withering hails of fire, combining devastating armaments with all the flexibility of a footsoldier. Heavy bolters are the largest bolt weapons available to infantry, unleashing a storm of shells that tear apart enemy formations, while missile launchers are prized for their versatility, offering a variety of explosive munitions suited to eliminating infantry, tanks, or aircraft.

This plastic upgrade kit can be used to equip Legionaries from the MKVI Tactical Squad set with powerful heavy weapons, suitable for use in a Legion Heavy Support Squad. The kit includes 10 heavy bolters and 10 missile launchers with arms suited to each weapon, allowing you to upgrade a full MKVI Tactical Squad set into two Heavy Support Squads of 10 models, or four units of five models. Also included are four augury scanners which can be carried alongside a heavy weapon, allowing each of your Heavy Support Squads to detect and eliminate enemy units.

This upgrade kit comprises 120 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with the MKVI Tactical Squad set, which is sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness Rulebook and either the Liber Astartes: Loyalist Legiones Astartes Army Book or Liber Hereticus: Traitor Legiones Astartes Army Book to make full use of these upgrades.

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One (1) x Gamers Grass Burned Tufts 6mm Wild (GG6-BUR)
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Acrylic paint for models and figures. 17ml High durability paint. Useable with brushes and airbrushes.
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All roads lead to Alpha City… Add some extra visual appeal to your city table layouts with this modular set of roads! The bundle comes with a great selection of pieces, allowing for huge number of layouts on your tabletop. And with the included angled border pieces, you can set it up straight across the board or angled at 45 degrees. Road sections can be secured together with ‘connector bones’ to prevent movement. Connector bones can be stored in the box hidden inside the roundabout. Comes pre-primed grey and masked in our ‘Stay Shiny’ system, for super fast peel + spray detailing (as shown images). Road Runner Bundle Set includes: 5 x Straight sections2 x Straight sections with go fast arrows*2 x Left border table angles2 x Right border table angles1 x Corner1 x T junction1 x X junction1 x Roundabout featureLots of connector bones (to connect roads) Made from 3mm MDF + Acrylic parts. Requires glue for assembly.
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A Necromunda novelWhen full-scale gang war erupts between Houses Goliath and Escher, Brielle of the Wild Hydras finds herself on the run and desperate for revenge…READ IT BECAUSEDelve into the darkest reaches of the underhive in a tale of vengeance, ambition and gruesome deeds from Necromunda's underhive.THE STORYIn the polluted, sprawling hive cities of Necromunda, life is short. From the decadent heights of the Spire to the murderous deeps of the underhive, those on the climb must be bold and brutal, or face a violent end.When the barbarous Fettnir, Goliath overlord of the Chemfall Butchers, turns his attention to Escher territory, the result is nothing short of a massacre. Brielle of the Wild Hydras escapes the slaughter and is cast into the deepest levels of the underhive. Determined to avenge her family, Brielle vows that she will end those responsible, but to reach Fettnir and the bounty hunter who murdered her mother, she must first survive… and the darkness is full of horrors.Written by Justin D Hill
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Acrylic color in a dropper bottle. Supter matt finish. Valid for brush and airbrush. Contains: 17 mL.
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Contrast is a revolutionary paint that makes beautiful painting simple and fast. Each Contrast paint, when applied over a light Contrast undercoat, gives you a vivid base and realistic shading all in a single application.
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This brush (L Shade) holds a huge amount of paint, meaning a faster, more consistent coverage when shading your Citadel miniatures. The ox hair bristles have been chosen specifically for their ability to hold as much paint as possible - you’ll be amazed at how much more efficient your shading will become.
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Citadel Shades are specially formulated to flow over other paints and into the recesses on your miniatures, defining details and accentuating recesses. Once applied, they dry to provide very effective shading for your models.   All of our paints are non-toxic, water-based acrylic that are designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin Citadel miniatures. One pot contains 24ml of shade paint.
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