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In this fast-paced, easy-to-learn trading card game, you and your opponent face off in exciting head-to-head battles full of iconic Star Wars characters. In the Two-Player Starter for the game’s second set, Shadows of the Galaxy, you will find two fully-built, ready-to-play decks for you and a friend to dive in and start learning the game. Outmaneuver your foes as the Mandalorian or overwhelm your enemies as Moff Gideon!


The Shadows of the Galaxy set focuses on the smugglers, scoundrels, and scavengers of the Outer Rim, with particular emphasis on bounty hunters.


● A two-player starter box for Shadows of the Galaxy, the epic second set for Star Wars: Unlimited.

● Contains two pre-built, ready-to-play decks: one featuring the Mandalorian, the other featuring Moff Gideon.

● These decks are designed to help players learn the game and start having fun as quickly as possible.

● Among the cards included in these decks are full playsets of 10 different cards that cannot be obtained from booster packs, making this a must-own for collectors. 

● Also includes damage counters, poster playmats, and a pair of foldable deckboxes; everything a new player would need to kick-start their Star Wars: Unlimited collection!

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Fill your decks with heroes, villains, and more from the Star Wars galaxy.    2 Players   Star Wars: Unlimited is a fast-paced, dynamic game that is both easy to learn and strategically deep. This game features iconic heroes, villains, ships, and settings from all facets of the legendary Star Wars franchise, including movies, TV series, comics, video games, and everything in between.   Two-Player Starter Deck   The two pre-built decks in this box provide everything you need to kickstart your Star Wars: Unlimited collection.   Each deck has been carefully crafted to help you learn the game, with several cards that show off different keywords and mechanics but overall remaining straightforward enough so that anyone can pick one up and play. Also included in this box are quickstart rules to help you jump into the game, all the counters and tokens you’ll use during gameplay, and even a pair of folded deck boxes that you can use to store the starter decks (or your own decks that you build in the future).   When you open the box, you’ll have your choice between two different pre-built decks: one is a Luke Skywalker (Spark of Rebellion, 5) deck with the Vigilance, Cunning, and Heroic aspects, and the other is a Darth Vader (Spark of Rebellion, 10) deck with the Aggression, Command, and Villainy aspects (you can read more about aspects in this article).   The decks themselves are a mixture of cards that can be acquired in booster packs and unique cards that can only be obtained in these starter decks. For example, you can find General Dodonna (Spark of Rebellion, 242) and General Veers (Spark of Rebellion, 230) in Spark of Rebellion booster packs, but Leia Organa (Spark of Rebellion, 189) and Grand Moff Tarkin (Spark of Rebellion, 84) can only be obtained from this box.
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