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Pre-release for Kaladesh is almost upon us so now is your chance to pre-register for our events. Secure your spot early so you don't miss out!... read more
Hobbymaster needs you! Want to write articles for the Hobbymaster website? Want to earn some sweet stor... read more
The Hobbymaster PPTQ Dublin season is finally here! This is your last chance to gain qualification for the Reg... read more
the new events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna is here!... read more
This Friday kicks off this year’s Eternal Weekend at Hobbymaster Ellerslie. The Eternal Formats are deep and full amazing cards. If you haven’t delved into the Eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage this week we are going to highlight a few of the staples of these formats…... read more
Hello Force of Will Fans! As many of you may know, recently I decided to travel to Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the World Championships for Force of Will along with Nick and Chris, two avid players and strong competitors in our little community.... read more
Monastery Mentor
Sulfuric Vortex
Gaddock Teeg
Hinterland Harbor
Geralf's Messenger
Eater of Days
Council of the Absolute
Mishra's Factory
Zur the Enchanter
Cranial Extraction
Ashcloud Phoenix
Artificer's Intuition
Council's Judgment
Serum Powder
Misty Rainforest
Academy Ruins
Akoum Firebird
Summoner's Pact
Pearl Lake Ancient
Oona's Prowler
Scion of Oona
Xantid Swarm
Shining Shoal

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