Buy List Instructions

Thanks for visiting HobbyMaster! This page should hopefully answer any and all questions you might have about selling your Magic the Gathering cards for cash or store credit. If there is anything we have not covered here, please contact us.

Buy List and Pricing:

You can search up the cards you wish to sell using our buy list's search bar and add to the cart the amount of each card you wish to sell. You will notice in the top right of the page; the cart will automatically update to show you the cash value of what you wish to sell to us.

Please select the correct set/printing of the card you wish to sell. If you are unsure, you can hover over each card entry on the sell list, and a picture will be displayed, please review the art and set symbol to determine if you are selecting the correct one.

If you wish to sell sealed product, please note we adhere to the Wizards of the Coast Internet Retailer Agreement, which means we cannot purchase any products for at least 2 years after its release. Contact us with what sealed product you wish to sell, and we can give you a quote.   

Payment Methods:

Once you have added cards to your cart, please review your contact information and that the cart contents are correct. You can choose from the following payment methods:

Bank Deposit:

Offered for New Zealand customers only. Please allow for up to 7 days for payment to be made into your nominated account.


Offered for both Domestic and international customers. Please note: You will be responsible for a 5% transaction fee if you choose PayPal option.

Store trade credit:

An additional 25% bonus to your subtotal. It can be added straight away and store credit can be used for anything (except pre-order items and event entry).

Approval and Shipping:

After you have submitted the sell request, an automated confirmation will be sent to your account email. This is not your approval!

Within two business days we will follow up with an approval email. Please note: We may adjust prices and quantity of the cards listed in your sell requests, depending on our business needs and if there have been any price spikes/buyouts.

Once you have received the approval, please send/drop off the sell request within 5 business days. Make sure that the order of the cards on your list matches the physical order of the cards shipped to us.Please do not individually sleeve cards. We encourage you to use a shipping method that provides tracking.

Non NM Cards Price Adjust Chart

All listed buy prices are for Near Mint versions of cards! We buy Slightly Played (SP), Moderately Played (MP), and Heavily Played (HP) versions of cards at the following rates: SP (85%), MP(70%) and HP (50%). Some cards the buy price may vary depends on our inventory and requirement.


NM/M = "Near Mint/Mint" Cards in Near Mint/Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play.

SP = "Slightly Played" Cards in Slightly Played condition show definite, minor wear. This can include things such as scratches, dents, creases, warping, writing, or stamps.

MP = "Moderately Played" Cards in Moderately Played condition show moderate wear but are still legal for tournament play. Examples of cards in this grade include cards with corner wear, border wear, inking, scratching, water damage, or creasing.

HP = "Heavily Played" Cards in Heavily Played condition show extreme wear, and may not be legal for tournament play. The condition of a heavily played card can include: creasing, water damage, whitening, border wear, inking, tearing, etc. In short, Heavily Played cards are any cards that grade worse than Moderately Played.

Receipt Returns:

You will receive an email confirming arrival once our team has received your order.

Once we receive your cards, we will review your package to make sure all the cards are accounted for, and adjust their condition according to our grading guide. Once this is done, a new invoice will be generated for you to approve; and If any of your cards physical condition were not NM according to the grading guide, you will be notified.

If your cards need to be returned (usually due to issues with grading/card condition), you are responsible for the cost of shipping to have the cards returned to you. You may use credit card or store credit to pay for shipping costs. HobbyMaster is not responsible for the loss or any damage of any returned items.

If you have not contacted us within three months of the date of the sell order for confrirming or returning cards, we will assume you have abandoned the cards.

We buy sealed boxes, complete sets, oddities, and larger collections! E-mail us if you have these items for sale!


1) We offer 25% bonus if you choose to be paid via store credit!

2) Please wait for your approval email prior to mailing or delivering your sell request.

3) We only purchase Magic the Gathering singles.

4) We do not buy foreign cards.

5) During times of high business volume such as; new set release, Xmas and other public holidays) there may be a delay.

6) We reserve the right to refuse any sell order, at any time, for any reason.

7) All singles must match the order that they appear on the invoice. Failure to follow this requirement can result in a deduction of 10% or more of the approved total.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you purchase signed cards? Yes, we do purchase signed or Pro Tour stamped cards. But the grade of the card will go down one level. For example, if a signed card is otherwise NM, the card would be graded at SP.

Do you purchase foreign cards? No, not at this time.

Do I need to organize my cards? Yes! We ask that all singles match the same order listed on the approval list. You should receive an email containing the exact order the cards should be in. Sell orders that are out of order can incur a penalty.

Can I sleeve my cards? Please don’t! We eventually have to unsleeve any cards so you send in to us so sleeving simply adds time to the process.

What if I want my rejected cards back? Any rejected cards can be returned back to you via delivery or pick up. The cards can either be shipped with your next order or you can pay to have them sent back

If you have not contacted us within three months of the date of the sell order for confrirming or returning cards, we will assume you have abandoned the cards.