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This anti-theft gaming backpack has room for everything you'll need and will delight not only gamers with its everyday practicality! The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear and numerous safety features protect the contents from theft or damage. Many different storage possibilities and useful gadgets will make this backpack your indispensable companion for every gaming tournament, holiday trip or just any regular school or office day. - Anti-Theft: contents are not accessible from the outside, incl. hidden zippers - RFID-secure pockets - Additional pockets on shoulder straps for easy access to ID- and credit cards - YKK zippers - Several hidden compartments for wallets, etc. - Water-resistant materials and waterproof zippers* - Reflecting safety stripes - Luggage strap - Can hold a great variety of Ultimate Guard products - Anti-shock-foam and extra padding for additional safety - Durable components / textiles - Opens up to 180° for easy access. - Opening angle can be limited to 35° - Special compartments for notebooks + tablets - Powerbank compartment + external USB-port - Retractable adjustment belt to avoid dangling straps - Size: 38 x 28 x 48 cm - Material shell: 60% ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer foam, 40% polyester - Material inside: 90% polyester, 10% ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer foam * Protected against accidental and very brief exposure to water or light rain
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