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Order Instructions

Order Process

Please click "Buy" to add items to your shopping cart and click "Checkout/Edit Cart" to proceed to the checkout page.

Payment Terms

Customers ordering from within New Zealand may pay by direct bank transfer, bank deposit and Credit Card. Payment is expected within 3 business days. We may cancel your order if payment is not received within 3 business days. If you run into trouble with payment, please contact us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz. If you are experiencing trouble with paypal payment, please make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your internet browser.

Shipping Terms

Unless otherwise stated, the majority of orders (not including preorders) process within one (1) business day of the order being placed. The order will then be shipped by the following business day.

  • Bank transfer payment may take up to 2 business days to show up in our account.
  • Paypal is no longer accepted.
  • Please be aware that shipping may be delayed by up to 3 business days for items that are on back-order.
  • You will be notified via email if your shipment will be delayed as part of the order confirmation email.
  • You may cancel your order if the shipment is going to be delayed for longer than 3 days.


Please see below for expected delivery times.

Domestic/International Shipping Rates

Order size Domestic (NZ) ETA (Domestic) International (Asia & Australia)
Single Cards
(For All Standard Post)
$2.00 NZD 3 Business days $3.00 NZD (International Air) ETA 3-10 working days. No tracking available.
Single Cards
(Fastway Couriers)
$4.90 NZD (Free track/trace courier shipping if the order is over $80.00 NZD - if non-single cards appear in your cart; free shipping no longer applies e.g. Booster Box) Next Business Day $19.5 NZD (International Air Economy Courier) ETA 2-6 working days. Delivery to door with tracking available.
Single item
(Fastway Couriers)
Max size:185mm x 280mm)
$4.90 NZD Next Business Day Please email to ask
Single item
(Fastway Couriers)
Max size:250mm x 325mm)
$7.50 NZD Next Business Day Please email to ask
Combined shipping Please email to ask -

N/A - Please use the note field to let us know there is another order to look out for with the associated order number #.

Pick up in-store $1.00 handing fee applies to pick-up orders that have a total value of less than $10.00 - Orders will be held for 2 weeks; any time after that it will be cancelled if not pre-paid in advance.


Q: When do orders get processed?

A:         We print out orders at approximately 11am Monday to Friday.  We then start the process of compiling your cards and other items and then packaging them for shipping. We keep an eye on incoming orders during the course of the day and orders received before 2pm will generally catch that day’s courier but we cannot guarantee this.


Q: What is your shipping target?

A:          We aim to ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them.  Orders received after 2pm on a Friday and on Saturday/Sunday will be shipped on a Monday.  Public Holidays will also delay orders and they will be shipped on the next business day.


Q: When do orders get sent?

A:         Our orders generally get picked up by the courier between 2-3 pm.  The shipping option we use is overnight for courier bags so if it ships on a Tuesday you should receive it Wednesday.


Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A:         We ship by post (NZ Post) or Fastway Couriers (still currently listed as NZ Couriers). Shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout, and you can choose which shipping option you prefer. Post is cheaper, but courier is quicker and offers the ability to track your order.


Q: Can I get items delivered on Saturday?

A:          Unforunately Saturday delivery is no longer an option that we provide.


Q: How do I know my order has shipped?

A:          On the day your order is shipped (whether by Fastway Couriers or NZ Post) you will receive a confirmation email.  This confirms your order has been sent and, if you chose courier, you will receive a link to the item’s tracking details. Alternatively; the status of your orders can be viewed under the My Profile page.


Q: My order hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

A:          If it is by courier, check you’re tracking details from your confirmation email.  If you still have issues contact us by email and we can have the courier company investigate.  If it is by NZ Post it is not possible to track the items.  You should first contact your local NZ Post store to check with them.  We do not replace items lost by New Zealand Post and strongly recommend courier over NZ Post as this is traceable.

Please note that orders containing a pre-order item will not ship until the advertised release date of the pre-order item. If you wish to have the other items contained within the order to be shipped in advance; please purchase a courier add-on item; quote the order number (eg: #49331) and items you wish to have shipped.


Q: I haven’t received a confirmation email or received my item.  What should I do?

A:          From time to time we may have to delay your order.  This may be due to not having the correct card or product in stock.  Generally if this is the case we will email you to advise of the cause.  If you have not heard from us please email us immediately and we will investigate.  We can be contacted at info@hobbymaster.co.nz or (09) 526 5068.


Q: I’m missing a card/have the wrong cards in my order, what should I do?

A:          Please call 09 526 5068 or email us on info@hobbymaster.co.nz with the problem and we will try and fix it ASAP.


Q: I've just put in a pick up order and want to come and pick it up immediately.  Will it be ready?

A:          We monitor our orders all day however if it is a big order it may take some time.  If you want to pick it up immediately give us a call on 09 526 5068  and we can make sure your order is ready for when you come in.


Q: The new Magic set is out on Friday.  Why can’t I receive my pre-order on Friday?

A:          New Magic products are always released on a Friday.  Hasbro, who produce Magic the Gathering prevent us from shipping earlier than the release date. All new release items will be shipped on release date and no earlier.


Q: I have just made a large single cards' purchase, do you offer free shipping?

A:          If your order is over $80.00 (and does not contain any sealed products) you are eligible for free Fastway Courier shipping.


Q: I forgot to order something else I wanted, do I have to pay for shipping again?

A:          You don't have to pay for shipping again. Just place another order; and select pickup in-store and in the note's field, include the following: "Combine shipping with #XXXXX" (We cannot guarantee that this will work 100% of the time; as we are quite effient with packing, your order may have already been packed). Please email us to let us know you have done this.


Q: What is a random booster/sleeve?

A:          Random boosters/sleeves are usually offered at the check-out, and can be added to your order; please note that the packs are random and only for the game Magic: The Gathering - the random packs usually come from either standard legal sets or recently standard legal sets. Duplicates may occur. Random sleeves are usually a pack of 50 count ultra-pro sleeves; with a random colour selected.


Q: I have emailed info@hobbymaster.co.nz on Friday night / Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday, why haven't I received a reply yet?

A:          Our physical stores are open 7 days a week, however the main online store team only operates between Monday-Friday 11-7pm.


If there is anything else that is not listed on the FAQ, please submit an equiry form, under the CONTACT tab.