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Digimon Card Game Series 4 - Great Legend Booster Box *Sealed* The newest Japanese TCG to hit New Zealand shores, relive old childhood memories or introduce your friends and family to Digimon. Each display booster box contains 24 packs of 12 cards. Full breakdown of set: Please note each booster box contains a random selection of cards. Booster Set 4 contains 115 cards & the card distribution is: 44 Common 30 Uncommons 26 Rare 12 Super Rare 3 Secret Rares Contents: Each booster contains 12 cards Each booster box contains 24 boosters * Each box will come with one pack of Great Legend Power Up pack plus 2 packs of Great Dash pack - Limited quantity available, first in first served. * Each box will come with one pre-release promo and pre-release pack while stock last.
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