FaB - Part the Mistveil Prerelease

11:00am, Saturday 25th May, 2024

Hobby Master are proud to host a sealed prerelease event for Flesh and Blood: Part the Mistveil. Players will take away 8 boosters (6 for your deck and 2 participation extras) of this awesome new set plus other prizes - more info to come.

Part the Mistveil Pre-Release

Date: Saturday 25th May, 2024
Arrive by: 10:30am
Playing starts: 11am
Venue: Hobby Master Event Centre

Entry: $55
Availability: 16 players

Format: Sealed (6 packs of Part the Mistveil per player)

  • Participation: 
    Each player receives 6x Part the Mistveil boosters PLUS a Part the Mistveil 9-card pre-release pack which includes:
    - 1 Extended Art Cold Foil Promo Card
    - 2 Rainbow Foil Double Faced Token Promo Cards
    - 6 Hero/Weapon Tokens
    - 2x extra Part the Mistveil boosters for attending 
  • Prizes:
    Each player adds a booster pack of Part the Mistveil to the prize pool, divided between the top 4.

*Please note: prizes may change as more information is released