Games Fair Sealed Charity MtG City Qualifier

9:30am, Saturday 4th May, 2024

Gather for a good cause at the our Sealed Charity City Qualifier to be held at the Cancer Society Games Fair. With EIGHT qualifying spots, City Qualifiers are your best chance to qualify for the Magic pro tour.

Hobby Master is proud to be teaming up with Good Games Australia, Wizards of the Coast, and The NZ Cancer Society to host NZ's only ANZ City Qualifier for Cycle 7 at the Cancer Society Games Fair on Saturday May 4th. ALL proceeds of this event will go to this great cause.


ANZ Magic Super Series at Hobby Master
Charity City Qualifier

Format: Sealed - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - COMP REL

Venue: The Cloud, 89 Quay Street, Auckland CBD,

Registration fee: $35


Time: 9.30am

Date: Saturday 4th May 2024


  • Participation: 6x Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play boosters to make your deck. Springleaf Drum non-foil promo card AND Lord of Atlantis 30th Anniversary promo card
  • Top 8: 8 Goblin Guide foil promo card, Lord of Atlantis retro 30th Anniversary foil promo card, Wandering Emperor playmat AND qualify for Cycle 7 ANZ Super Series.

Required: A wizards account and the Magic Companion app, as well as fully opaque sleeves are required for participation in this event.