MTG: Super Series - Q3 Pioneer

10:30am, Saturday 15th June, 2024

Hobby Master is proud to be hosting four qualifying rounds for Cycle 7 of the ANZ Magic Super Series, a program for Magic The Gathering for the Australian and New Zealand region.

Each Cycle hosts Store Qualifiers that WPN stores in ANZ can register and be a part of. Players can enter as many Store Qualifiers as they wish and the winner of each Store Qualifier will then qualify for that Cycles' Super Series Final in Standard format.


ANZ Magic Super Series at Hobby Master
Qualifier 3 - Cycle 7

Format: Pioneer

Registration fee: $30

Time: 10.30am

Date: 15th June 2024

REL: Competitive – deck lists must be supplied. You can download a decklist sheet here:


  • Participation: one Hobby Master Ticket per player
  • If 16+ playerds attend: one ticket is added to the prize pool for top 8 players
  • Top 32: Springleaf Drum non-foil promo card 
  • Top 8: 8 Goblin Guide non foil promo card and a share of the prize pool
  • Winner: 1 Goblin Guide foil promo card 
  • Qualifiers: First place and the Runner-up will qualify for the Cycle Seven Super Series Final

*Travel Assistance to Australia: The organisers will have a budget to assist qualified players attending the Super Series Final.