Form 3: Soresu a Shatterpoint Tournament

10:00am, Sunday 16th June, 2024

We look to the instruction of General Kenobi to teach us the more defensive Form 3: Soresu Lightsaber style. After witnessing his masters defeat to Darth Maul, Kenobi focused on mastering the more defensive Form 3 style which helped him take on the likes of Jango Fett and Grevious.


A defensive style that utilized tight, controlled movements and strict economy of action. Practitioners of this form focused on defense entirely in any situation and committed to analyzing their opponents and openings created, often from the frustration and fatigue of the enemy, while not succumbing to fatigue or making mistakes themselves. It remained popular even during the creation of other lightsaber forms


Tickets cost $35, $10 of which goes to cover the pizza lunch and $15 for prize support. Of which we have some awesome trophies for the winners, some spot prizes (number and value dependent on attendance and available prize pool).

Also, any ticket purchased before 19/5 will give the player $10 of store credit.


So grab your ticket, come along and have a ton of fun with a chance at some awesome prizes.


Player Pack: Here


Registration through Longshanks Event Software, register and upload strike team info here.


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