Includes all five of the foil Planeswalkers from SDCC 2018.

  • Gideon of the Trials

  • Jace, Cunning Castaway

  • Liliana, Untouched by Death

  • Chandra, Torch of Defiance

  • Nissa, Vital Force

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Best MTG boosters to open just for fun!   12 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster 1–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack At least 1 Legendary Creature and 1 Traditional Foil card in every pack 1 Art Card, and 1 token/ad card or card from “The List” (a special card from Magic's history—found in 25% of packs).   Return to Magic’s home plane in a set full of your favorite MTG legends and heroes        
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This March of the Machine Commander Deck set includes 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards (2 Traditional Foil Legendary cards, 98 nonfoil cards), 10 specialty cards, a 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack, 1 Foil-Etched Display Commander (a thick cardstock copy of the commander card with foil etched into the card’s border and art), 10 double-sided tokens, 1 deck box (can hold 100 sleeved cards), 1 Life Wheel, 1 special die, 1 strategy insert, and 1 reference card.   Contents: 100-card ready-to-play March of the Machine Commander Deck   2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack   Plus: 10 specialty cards and 1 Foil-Etched Display Commander   Deck includes 2 Traditional Foils + 98 nonfoil cards   Deck introduces 10 MTG cards not found in the main set   Accessories—10 double-sided tokens, Life Tracker, special die, and deck box
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*Due to Covid, this item may experience delays* Become what you fear in a gothic horror set overrun with vampires, warlocks, and spooky mechanics     15 MTG cards per Draft Booster Rare or Mythic Rare card in every pack Just draft, add lands, and let the vowing begin
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Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Booster Box - 36 Packs (504 Magic Cards)    Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Booster Box   SADDLE UP FOR A WILD RIDE—Join Oko’s crew of deadly desperados as they plot a brazen heist in the frontier world of Thunder Junction, Magic’s first western-themed setting. FUN TO OPEN. FUN TO PLAY—Get the best of Draft and Set Boosters, combined into one! Play Boosters are great for Limited play and fun to open, with a possibility of Art cards, Showcase cards, additional Rares, and a foil card in every pack. THE BEST OF THE WEST—Each Play Booster contains 1–5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, including the possibility of a Borderless Mythic Rare card from Magic’s history. BREAKING NEWS CARD IN EVERY PACK—Every Play Booster contains at least 1 Breaking News card, a reprint featuring new art and a front-page news-style frame reporting the spell as a crime; do you dare become that spell-casting outlaw? SHINING FOIL IN EVERY PACK—Every booster also includes at least 1 shining Traditional Foil card of any rarity; in 20% of packs, you’ll also find a Traditional Foil Land card (which may even feature a Full-Art Western Landscape) MAY CONTAIN ART CARDS, A PLAY BOOSTER EXCLUSIVE—Now found only in Play Boosters, some packs also contain an Art card showcasing a piece of art from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set, sometimes with a foil signature from the artist. CONTENTS—36 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters, each containing 14 MTG cards.  This Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Booster Box contains 36 Play Boosters, perfect for both Limited play and opening packs just for fun. Each Play Booster contains 14 Magic: The Gathering cards and 1 Token/Ad card or Art card. (A regular Art card can be found in 30% of packs and a foil-stamped Signature Art card can be found in 5% of packs.) Each pack includes a combination of 1–5 cards of rarity Rare or higher and 3–6 Uncommon, 5–8 Common, and 1 Land card. One card of any rarity is Traditional Foil. The Land card is also Traditional Foil in 20% of boosters and a special card from Magic’s history can be found in 20% of packs. Full-Art Western Landscape Land card in 16% of packs. Foil Borderless Mythic Planeswalker in <1% of boosters. Rulebook not included.
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From the Vault: Exiled is the second From the Vault set. The set contains 15 cards that were banned or restricted at some point in Magic: The Gathering history. The cards are printed with a black border, in the post-8th Edition card frame, and have holographic foil treatment. Eight of these cards feature new, alternate art. In addition to this, From the Vaults: Exiled contains a newly designed spindown life counter that bears the expansion symbol of this set. Card list Balance Berserk Channel Gifts Ungiven Goblin Lackey Kird Ape Lotus Petal Mystical Tutor Necropotence Sensei's Divining Top Serendib Efreet Skullclamp Strip Mine Tinker Trinisphere
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Your War of the Spark booster box contains at least one PLANESWALKER IN EVERY PACK. (Rarity varies between uncommon and mythic rare.) RAVNICA is under seige as Nicol Bolas and the planeswalkers of the Gatewatch face off in their epic final battle. New mechanic AMASS and returning favorite PROLIFERATE both help strenghten your creatures with +1/+1 counters. War of the Spark is the follow-up to the hit Magic: The Gathering (MTG) expansions GUILDS OF RAVNICA and RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE. Your War of the Spark booster box includes 540 cards, including at least 36 planeswalker cards, to help FILL YOUR BINDER.
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Contents: 15 Magic: The Gathering cards Case Configuration: 6 displays / 36 boosters / 15 cards
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