None fight with more grim determination than the battle-brothers of the Dark Angels, who are held in awe by allies and enemies alike. Yet behind their devotion to the Imperium lies a shadowy obsession. Adorned with ancient relics and honours dating back to the Great Crusade, clad in knightly helms and solemn hoods, the Dark Angels are a sight that few could ever forget... unless compelled to do so.

This multipart plastic upgrade set allows you to customise your Space Marine models – including infantry, bikers, and vehicles – to give them even more Dark Angels flavour and personality. You'll find extra accessories, cosmetic details, characterful heads, and sculpted shoulder pads for a variety of armour types. It even includes upgrades unique to Deathwing Terminators, allowing you to give your Terminator Squad a plasma cannon and a Watcher in the Dark!

This upgrade set includes:

- 2x helmeted heads for models in Tacticus armour
- 2x hooded, helmeted heads for models in Tacticus armour
- 2x hooded, helmeted heads for Bladeguard Veterans
- 2x hooded heads
- 1x bare head

Shoulder Pads
- 6x shoulder pads for models in Tacticus armour, including 1x Sergeant's shoulder pad
- 5x shoulder pads for models in Gravis armour, including 1x Sergeant's shoulder pad
- 5x shoulder pads for models in Phobos armour
- 3x shoulder pads for Aggressors, including 1x Sergeant's shoulder pad
- 3x shoulder pads for Bladeguard Veterans

Infantry Accessories
- 5x relics and honours
- 1x backpack-mounted Chapter icon
- 1x tilting shield for models in Tacticus armour
- 1x Sergeant's power sword for models in Tacticus armour

Deathwing Terminator Upgrades
- 5x Terminator shoulder pads, including a variety of designs
- 2x decorated tassets
- 1x Sergeant's helmeted head
- 1x bare head
- 1x Sergeant's power sword
- 1x Sergeant's breastplate
- 1x tilting plate
- 1x ornamental dagger
- 1x storm bolter decoration
- 1x Watcher in the Dark, carrying a book
- 1x plasma cannon

Outriders and Vehicles
- 6x Ravenwing icons, including two different designs
- 3x Dark Angels icons, including two different designs
- 1x Ravenwing biker rear wing-fitting
- 1x book relic

Transfer Sheet
- 1x Dark Angels Transfer Sheet featuring 217 transfers for infantry and vehicles, including Chapter icons, campaign badges, gothic script, and symbols of rank

This upgrade set comprises 87 plastic components, and is designed to be assembled with a variety of other plastic Space Marine kits, which are sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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Key Features A devastating melee-focused war machine for your Space Marines Shatter enemy lines with mighty fists or sharpened talons Build your Dreadnought with different secondary weapons and poses The Brutalis Dreadnought is a line breaker and a terror weapon – a bipedal combat walker, armed for close combat and piloted by a fallen hero of its Chapter. This hulking war machine lays down a hail of covering fire as it storms towards the enemy lines, but the greatest threat lies in its massive arms. Mounted with crushing fists or ceramite-sheathed talons, these can crush an armoured warrior like spoiled fruit or punch through a bunker wall like parchment. This multipart plastic kit builds one Brutalis Dreadnought, an imposing melee-focused war machine. This powerful walker can be equipped with armoured fists that feature integrated bolt rifles, or a pair of sharpened talons for shredding armour and infantry alike. It also sports twinned Icarus ironhail heavy stubbers atop its hull, and a pair of chassis-mounted weapons – either heavy bolters or tank-busting multi-meltas. This impressive kit is tremendously customisable – you can create your own intimidating pose using joints in the legs, arms, waist, and even its mechanical toes and fingers. Glueless assembly options allow you to adjust the position of the frontal armour – revealing the sarcophagus within – as well as the secondary weapons. You'll even find a choice of armour decorations. This kit contains 131 plastic components, 1x Citadel 90mm Round Base, and a Space Marines Vehicles Transfer Sheet. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.
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Swooping, jinking and arcing across the skies at unbelievable speed, turning at impossible angles, the Windriders are jetbike pilots completely in tune with their machines. Striking suddenly and violently with hailstorms of shuriken fire before climbing away with consummate grace, Windriders often destroy their prey even before the whine of their antigravitic engines broadcasts their presence. This multi-part plastic kit contains seventy-two parts - everything you need to make three Eldar Windriders. Incredibly sleek jetbikes with an array of sensors on the back adding interesting textural detail, they have the option of an elevated HUD - ready for an attack run. Their shuriken catapults can be upgraded to either a shuriken cannon or scatter laser; three of each are included, meaning nine weapon options in the box. Also included are three new guardian helmets, three small flying bases and an Eldar transfer sheet.
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Key Features Brutal cavalry riding living juggernauts - pulverise armour and infantry with ease Five miniatures representing two Fast Attack choices in your Orks army Customise your Nob on Smasha Squig with a variety of options Bipedal wrecking balls that charge ahead of the Ork lines, Smasha Squigs live in a state of near permanent concussion thanks to their tendency to headbutt everything. Only the surliest and most aggressive Orks can wrangle them towards enemy lines, but the resulting impact of a charging unit of Squighog Boyz is worth it as they crumple metal, flesh, and bone alike. If their impressive charges weren't enough, units of Squighog Boyz also hurl explosive, rokkit-propelled stikkas at their enemies, softening up any tough armour in the process. Behind each boy clings an unfortunate saddlegit, who pelts foes with anything it can get its grubby mitts on – while praying to Gork that they don't end up being flung off and trampled in the process. Packs of Squighog Boyz are often accompanied by Bombsquigs – living weapons that demonstrate an alarming lack of self-preservation as they careen into the thick of combat before detonating with killer intent. If you need to crack a fortified enemy line or blow a hole in a phalanx of vehicles, look no further than this squig-powered maelstrom of carnage. This kit builds one Nob on Smasha Squig, three Squighog Boyz, and one Bomb Squig. The Nob can be built wielding either a slugga or a big choppa, with the other option mounted on the squig's back. Other cosmetic options let you customize your Nob on Smasha Squig with a choice of two heads and two pauldrons. The Squighog Boyz are armed with rokkit-propelled stikkas, and many of their limbs – and those of their mounts – have been replaced with bionic enhancements.  The kit is comprised of 104 plastic components which allows you to assemble one Nob on Smasha Squig, three Squighog Boyz, and one Bomb Squig, and is supplied with 1x 90mm Oval Base, 3x 75mm Round Base, and 1x 25mm Round Base. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.
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