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New Game+ - A FFTCG Newbie Tournament

6:30pm, Wednesday 24th October, 2018

Welcome to New Game+, a tournament for all those new players to get a chance to try out the game!

Players will receive a free starter deck, and use it to play against each other to get a better grasp of the game’s mechanics in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Judges will be on hand to help out with any rules kerfuffles. With a friendly community, this is the perfect time to try out playing and meeting new friends with it!

The winner of the tournament will receive a set of Chocobo Playing cards, but don't worry if you don't come out on top! There will be random spot prizes across the night, including promos, deck boxes and more! If there are more than 24 players, everyone will also receive a Final Fantasy booster pack of their choice!

So, come on in and play!


New Game+ - FFTCG Starter Dec Tournament

Format: FFTCG Swiss - 40-minute rounds

Start Time: 6:30 pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Prizes: Chocobo playing cards, promos, boosters, and more!