MTG: Super Series Sealed City Qualifier

10:30am, Saturday 25th November, 2023

Get ready for the City Qualifiers! With 8, yes, 8! qualifying spots, City Qualifiers are your chance to qualify for the Magic pro tour.

Each year is a Season made up of three Cycles. Each Cycle will have Store Qualifiers that any WPN Location in Australia or New Zealand can register and be a part of. Players can enter as many Store Qualifiers as they wish and the winner of each Store Qualifier will then qualify for that Cycles' Super Series Final in Modern format.

Top Finishers in each Super Series Final will win places at the Pro Tour and cash prizes.


ANZ Magic Super Series at Hobby Master
City Qualifier

Format: Sealed - Lost Caverns of Ixalan - COMP REL

Registration fee: $65

Time: 10.30am

Date: Saturday 25th November 2023


  • Participation: 6x Lost Caverns of Ixaland Draft boosters to make your deck.
    An Offer you Can't Refuse non-foil promo card AND Serra Angel 30th Anniversary foil promo card
  • Top 8: 8 Death's Shadow foil promo card, Serra Angel retro foil promo card, Serra Angel playmat AND qualify for Cycle 5 ANZ Super Series.
  • Spot prizes! TBA

Required: A wizards account and the Magic Companion app, as well as fully opaque sleeves are required for participation in this event.

*Travel Assistance to Australia: The organisers will have a budget to assist qualified players attending the Super Series Final.


If you want to play in both events, check out the ANZ Magic Super Series Weekend Pass!

Registration fee: $85 click here to purchase a 2-Day pass

Date: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2023

More details about the Modern Qualifier event on Sunday: