Grimdark Before Xmas 2023

9:30am, Saturday 16th December, 2023


$35.00 each
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What’s this?

What’s this?

A Tyranid Invasion?


What’s this?

An Ork Infestation?


What’s this?

There's warp energy everywhere.

The Planets defences are laid bare.

Its Grim Dark but we don’t care.

What’s this?

What’s this?



Join us for a festive showdown of 40k's most jolly warlords. No trophies for this one, just lots of spot prizes from Santa’s sack 😊

Date: 16/12 @ 9.30am

Cost: $35

Lunch provided - Pizza

$15 to Prize pool

$10 Store credit as early bird bonus for tickets purchased before 25/11. Tickets must be purchased through the Hobbymaster website or instore, registration in DUP does not count.


10% discount on all 40k products for players of the event.

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