DBS Open

6:30pm, Thursday 30th November, 2023

Dragon Ball Super TCG Open Night! 


The Dragon Ball Super TCG Thursday Open night is the easiest way for players to get into the scene! Try out the game in a friendly environment with an awesome community! Win Hobbymaster Prize tickets, which can be exchanged for boosters or more, and other awesome prizes like Limited Edition sleeves and deckboxes!


Hobbymaster DBSTCG Thursday Open Night

Format: Swiss Constructed

Start time: 6:30pm every Thursday

On Day Registration: $7

Prizes: Each player gets 1 ticket each week for participating, with additional tickets, deckboxes, sleeves and boosters depending on turnout!


Resources (click the links below!):

>> Dragonball Super TCG for new players!

>> DBSTCG Learn to Play


>> DBSTCG Banlist 

>> DBSTCG Errata

>> Hobbymaster DBSTCG Group