MtG: Wilds of Eldraine: Once Upon a Sealed - 2HG

11:00am, Sunday 10th December, 2023


$35.00 each
23 tickets left
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Once Upon a Sealed - Two-Headed Giant event

The wonderful Wilds of Eldraine is coming to a happily ever after end as we look forward to a return to Ixalan. To see off we're hosting a once off event - sealed Two-Headed Giant. Two players team up to compete, each team receives 8 WoE Draft boosters to build their decks, and at the end, each team will walk away with a WoE Collector Booster.

Format: Sealed Two-Headed Giant

Registration fee: $35 each player. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TEAM MATE ORGANISED

Time: 11am - 3pm

Date: Sunday 10 December 2023


  • Winning teams receive promo packs
  • Participation: Each team gets 8x Wilds of Eldraine Draft Boosters to make their decks.
  • Participation: Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster per team