XENOS Resurrection - 40k Tournament

9:00am, Sunday 7th April, 2024


$35.00 each
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"I should have known. No human being is that humane.”



Xenos 3 and Fury 161 was so long ago, the Xenos menace is no more and the imperium has forgotten the extent of the Xenos threat. But some rogue inquisitors have decided they can use the old enemy as a weapon against the many other enemies of the Imperium, but soon find out the Xenos threat cannot be controlled.


40k Tournament – XENOS Resurrection


Date: 7/4 @ 9.00am


Cost: $35


Organiser: Stewart - stewart.gardener08@gmail.com


Lunch provided - Pizza


Tickets purchased before 10/3 will be eligible for $10 store credit as part of the ticket price. Please note that this means tickets purchased through the Hobbymaster website or instore, registration for the event in down under pairings does not grant the store credit or guarantee attendance.


10% discount on all 40k products for players of the event, excludes new releases and Layby’s, no rainchecks.


Army list submission by 31/3





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