One Piece TCG - Wings of The Captain Pre-Release

10:30am, Saturday 9th March, 2024

Test out the new battle early with One Piece: Wings of the Captain Pre-Release Sealed Tournament!

Players will get 6 Wings of the Captain packs with which to make their decks.



Date: Saturday 9th March

Start time: 10.30am (arrive 10am)

Entry: $50 (limited to 32 players)


  • Every player gets 6 Wings of the Captain booster packs with which to build their sealed deck + OP-06 Pre-Release Pack

Top 16:

  • P-045 Roronoa Zoro promo card

First and Second Place:

  • Pre-release winners will receive a gold stamped P-045 Roronoa Zoro (Silver Foil + Gold Stamp)

Players will be offered packs and boxes of Wigns of the Captain to purchase at the event.

Structure: Sealed deck 30min deck build, 35 min rounds, 5 rounds

Rules for sealed events can be found here.
Rules for tournament play can be found here.

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