MESBG Game Day + Learn To Play

10:00am, Saturday 23rd March, 2024

Join us for a day of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game fun.

Whether you are an one of the Elves that saw the two trees of Valinor or a freshly birthed Orc, come along and jump in on some LOTR fun.

For our more regular players we will be playing games at 650 points throughout the day, or if you are a newer race to middle earth we will have learn to play games at whatever points level agreed between the players (based on experience)

Even if you don’t have an army worthy of Mordor yet, we will have a store army for you to use on the day.

No charge for the game day except standard table fee’s.

So come along on the day and jump in on this awesome game that is actually very well balanced for a wargame and is more around generalship of your army.  

Please register your interest by completing the attached form: