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Guilds Of Ravnica Pre-release!

Ready for the new MTG Guilds of Ravnica Block?

Join Hobbymaster as we kick it old-school with the return to return to Ravnica, starting with Guilds of Ravnica!


Details are as below:


Guilds of Ravnica brings back some familiar faces and places! The story gears up for the final showdown with Nicol Bolas. On Ravnica, whoever you are — soldier or scientist, merchant or spy — your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it.


With the set, we see some new mechanics, and some old: 
    - Convoke returns! Similar to Improvise, with Convoke you can tap your creatures to help pay for a spell with the Keyword.  The best part is  that the colour of the creature changes the mana! So tapping a green creature pays G in a spell with Convoke, a red creature pays R, and so on.
    - Mentor! When creatures with Mentor attack, you put a +1/+1 counter on an attacking creature with lesser power.
    - Surveill! Dimir spies are everywhere, including looking at the top of your deck. Surveill is like scry, but instead of putting cards on the bottom of your library, they go to your graveyard.


    - Jump-start! Like flashback, Jump-start allows you to cast cards from your graveyard! Just discard a card, pay the mana cost, and exile the card to Jump-start a formerly used spell!


     - Undergrowth! Undergrowth abilites care about the number of dead creatures in your graveyard - just like Golgari use the dead to make themselves stronger.



To Pre-register for the Pre-release events you can check out the links below:


Midnight Pre-Release:

Midnight 29th September


Weekend Flights:

Saturday 29th September 10am: Sealed

Saturday 29th September 2pm: Sealed

Saturday 29th September 6pm: Two Headed Giant Sealed


Sunday 30th September 10am: Sealed

Sunday 30th September 2pm: Sealed


To Pre-Order Guilds of Ravnica products, click here to view what we have to offer.


For any inquiries give the Hobbymaster Event Centre team a call on (09) 526 5068 or email us at info@hobbymaster.co.nz

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