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HobbyMaster Takapuna is being franchised!


From the 23rd of January, HobbyMaster Takapuna will be under new ownership. It’ll continue on as HobbyMaster Takapuna and most things will remain the same. However, there are a few small changes to be aware of.


HobbyMaster Website - Hobby Master Takapuna is now completely independent from the website. All information presented on our website www.hobbymaster.co.nz is relevant only to HobbyMaster Ellerslie (unless otherwise stated). Any products, events, policies, and procedures shown on the website are indicative of HobbyMaster Ellerslie only.


HobbyMaster Facebook Page - The Facebook page @Hobbymasternz will be used for HobbyMaster Ellerslie. All information on this page is representative of HobbyMaster Ellerslie only unless otherwise specified.

HobbyMaster Group Pages - Group/Community pages such as "HobbyMaster MTG Group" will remain as a community driven group page dedicated to customers and players of both HobbyMaster Ellerslie and Takapuna. These pages will remain to be a hub where the community can share events and information and are not exclusive to any store.


Email and Communications - The email addresses info@hobbymaster.co.nz and admin@hobbymaster.co.nz are both managed by HobbyMaster Ellerslie. Any inquiries regarding the website and online orders should be made towards HobbyMaster Ellerslie. For Takapuna, you can reach them at takapunahobbymaster@gmail.com


HMCS - HMCS Season Two will continue to run as normal until its conclusion on the 31st of January, 2018. Details regarding the next season of the HMCS and the changes that are to be implemented will be announced soon. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement regarding this.


HobbyMaster Prize Tickets - Tickets will remain at HobbyMaster Ellerslie as per usual. Tickets can still be redeemed normally at Takapuna until the 22nd of January, 2018. Hobbymaster Takapuna will be making an announcement soon on how they will be doing their events and how they will be utilizing tickets going forward.

Online Order Pickups - Hobby Master Takapuna will NO LONGER be a pick-up location for any online orders made on the Hobby Master website. 


Online Sell Orders - Any sell orders done through the website will need to be taken/sent to HobbyMaster Ellerslie. Sell orders can be done in person at Takapuna, however you’ll be unable to get online credit for them. Details on how HobbyMaster Takapuna will be handling sell orders will be announced by them in a later post.

Website Credit - After the 22nd, credit on your online account will only be usable on the website or instore at HobbyMaster Ellerslie. Credit on your online account cannot be redeemed towards products at HobbyMaster Takapuna.


Reward Programme - As with website credit, the HobbyMaster reward stamps can only be accumulated with purchases made at HobbyMaster Ellerslie and the website. Redemption of reward stamps for discounts can only be made towards online purchases and instore at HobbyMaster Ellerslie. The HobbyMaster Reward stamp programme will still be effective at HobbyMaster Takapuna until the 22nd of January, 2018.


Any further inquiries or concerns regarding this can be made via email to info@hobbymaster.co.nz

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