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December’s White Dwarf is here and to help celebrate the season it comes complete with a gift – exclusive game cards for Blood Bowl, Shadespire and Warhammer Quest! It’s also a gaming special, packed with a whopping four Battle Reports, new rules for Genestealer Cults in Space Hulk, the first part of a series of new adventures for Warhammer Quest and much, much more – the perfect way to celebrate every aspect of the hobby this Christmas.


• Return to Hammerhal: New rules, a new quest and new game cards for Warhammer Quest!

• Golden Demon Classic: We show off the winning entries from no less than three categories

• The Battle for Erebor: A Middle-earth™ Battle Report

• The Everwinter Curse: Martyn and Jonathan duke it out in our Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report.

• Raid on Khott’s Folly: This month’s Necromunda Battle Report takes things up high

• Assault on Urdek: Michael and Matt H do battle in a Warhammer 40,000 Planetstrike Battle Report

• Building your decks in Shadespire

• Corruption’s Heart: Genestealer Cults in Space Hulk!

• James Hewitt waxes lyrical on running a successful Blood Bowl league

• Illuminations: Paul Dainton’s cityscape from Seasons of War: Firestorm

• The Model Photograph: The ultimate guide to taking photos of your models

• Armies on Parade

• Blanchitsu

• Cegorach’s Revenge: Gavin Beardsmore’s Harlequin army

• Paint Splatter: Dark Angels and Blood Angels

• Readers’ Models

• In the Bunker

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