If you're looking to add a bit of narrative flair to your battlefield, look no further than this Manufactorum Conservators kit. Comprising elements of two previously available sets, the contents are perfect for representing machinery and cargo that might be present in a freight depot, starport or warehouse district.


This multipart plastic terrain set includes the components to build:


- 1x Munitorum Armoured Container

- 3x promethium barrels

- 4x supply crates

- 1x trailer

- 2x Galvanic Servohaulers

- 1x servohauler tool box

- 1x fire extinguisher

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Citadel Layer paints are high-quality acrylic paints, and with so many of them in the Citadel Paint range, you have a huge range of colours and tones to choose from when you paint your miniatures. They are designed to be used straight over Citadel Base paints (and each other) without any mixing. By using several layers you can create a rich, natural finish on your models that looks fantastic on the battlefield. This pot contains 12ml and is one of many Layer paints in the Citadel Paint range. As with all of their paints, it is a non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin Citadel miniatures.
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The Impulsor is a lightly armoured, fast-moving assault transport favoured by Vanguard Space Marine forces. Benefiting from the same advanced gravitic-impulsion technology employed by the heavier Repulsor-class chassis, the Impulsor boasts vectored thrusters that offer the it far greater manoeuvrability. Its open-backed design allows it to transport a squad of Space Marines swiftly into battle, entirely bypassing such obstacles and delivering its deadly cargo into the heart of the battle.The Impulsor is equipped with a pair of storm bolters as standard, but these can be swapped out for two fragstorm grenade launchers. The vehicle can also be upgraded with additional weapons in the form of an ironhail heavy stubber and a choice of bellicatus missile array or ironhail skytalon array. Alternatively, the Impulsor can be outfitted with an orbital comms array with which to summon a devastating barrage from space, or a shield dome to offer it additional protection with a powerful force field.The kit comprises 108 components and included all of the Impulsor's weapons and wargear options. The model comes supplied with a Citadel 100mm round base and clear hover stand upon which to mount it, as well as an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.
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KR Multicase™ - the complete storage and transport system. The KR philosophy is soft foam for the models and hard cases for the soft foam ! KRM-F4S: 144 compartments 23mm deep, each 52mm x 32mm (Ideal for plastic figures) in a Pre-filled Card case (standard size) including 4x F4T trays. Cases and Trays in this Prefilled Case are: Case: KRM Sets: 1x F4S (4x F4T) Tray set F4S is used by these armies: -28mm Scale Sci Fi 144 plastic Sci Fi figures (bulky or dynamically posed) on 25 or 32mm bases. (144 compartments 23mm deep, each 52mm x 32mm).
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This deck of 100 additional Command Asset cards is designed to expand upon the 300 Command Assets included with Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse. The new cards are divided between universal cards that are usable by any faction, as well as cards that are tailored to each of the individual factions that feature in Apocalypse. Regardless of your allegiance, these additional Command Assets offer a huge variety of new tactical options.This card set requires a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse to use.
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Expand your games of Necromunda with these 26 cards, representing the myriad tricks and schemes that can be used to gain an advantage in the underhive. As well as 18 gang-specific Tactics cards that perfectly encapsulate the way that House Orlock fight, there are also 8 blank Fighter cards for you to keep track of your gang.This box contains 26 100mm x 75mm cards for use in games of Necromunda:– 18x Orlock gang specific gang Tactics cards– 8x Blank Fighter cardsYou will need a copy of Necromunda: Underhive, or Necromunda: Dark Uprising, and Necromunda: House of Iron to use the contents of this set.
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Look out over the cityscape & contemplate your enemies destruction (or shoot a missile…that works too). The Contemplation Lookout is a great new addition for your tabletop scifi games. Featuring a unique exciting look and plenty of gameplay options to bring your battle to life on and around this terrain piece. The platform has modular options, including removable surrounding rails to vary cover and the central bio display, along with the inside tray component, can be removed and used anywhere on your table! The Bio Display looks great with a few plants added in, or make it into a calming pond, or even queue up your favourite anime scenes and place a phone into the tray for a dynamic visual effect in your game. Also included with the kit is a set of 4 advertising signs to attach to the sides. Features include: Pre-primed white in our stay shiny masking system – peel off for a clean look or great for airbrush painters! Modular removable Bio Display and Rails. Movable ladder access and space to game below Phone viewport in Bio Display (accepts phones up to 149x104x12mm) Includes 4 optional Ad signs to attach to sides. Approx 25x27cm footprint and maximum height of 21cm to top of Bio Display Platform height fully compatible with our Alpha City range for bridging across Made from 3mm MDF and Acrylic
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A hard-wearing, tough plastic cube containing 20 X 12mm dice with skull icons in place of the 1, this dice cube features an embossed skull lid (you can never have too many skulls, after all) and is stackable – create your very own multicoloured henge of dice! 
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Noctilith Crowns are brutal edifices raised up by the Chaos Space Marines to weaken the very foundations of reality. Crafted from the mysterious material known as blackstone, these vast psychic resonators thin the veil to deadly effect. The Noctilith Crown is a dedicated Fortification for your Chaos army. Protecting your troops with a shield of energy, it’ll make long-ranged warriors like Havocs and Obliterators incredibly difficult to displace. Chaos Psykers, like your Sorcerers or allied Daemons, will be able to re-roll failed Psychic tests, allowing you to master the Psychic phase, while your foes will have to worry about an increased risk of suffering Perils of the Warp!This kit builds one Noctilith Crown. A towering structure, it’s an incredible piece for tying your collection together, featuring the same techno-baroque aesthetic shared by the rest of the Chaos Space Marines. Use yours as a Fortification in your games, or grab several kits to build terrifying, Chaos-themed battlefields. This kit is supplied 24 plastic components.
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Contrast is a revolutionary paint that makes beautiful painting simple and fast. Each Contrast paint, when applied over a light Contrast undercoat, gives you a vivid base and realistic shading all in a single application.
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