Key Features

  • Brutal cavalry riding living juggernauts - pulverise armour and infantry with ease

  • Five miniatures representing two Fast Attack choices in your Orks army

  • Customise your Nob on Smasha Squig with a variety of options

Bipedal wrecking balls that charge ahead of the Ork lines, Smasha Squigs live in a state of near permanent concussion thanks to their tendency to headbutt everything. Only the surliest and most aggressive Orks can wrangle them towards enemy lines, but the resulting impact of a charging unit of Squighog Boyz is worth it as they crumple metal, flesh, and bone alike.

If their impressive charges weren't enough, units of Squighog Boyz also hurl explosive, rokkit-propelled stikkas at their enemies, softening up any tough armour in the process. Behind each boy clings an unfortunate saddlegit, who pelts foes with anything it can get its grubby mitts on – while praying to Gork that they don't end up being flung off and trampled in the process. Packs of Squighog Boyz are often accompanied by Bombsquigs – living weapons that demonstrate an alarming lack of self-preservation as they careen into the thick of combat before detonating with killer intent. If you need to crack a fortified enemy line or blow a hole in a phalanx of vehicles, look no further than this squig-powered maelstrom of carnage.

This kit builds one Nob on Smasha Squig, three Squighog Boyz, and one Bomb Squig. The Nob can be built wielding either a slugga or a big choppa, with the other option mounted on the squig's back. Other cosmetic options let you customize your Nob on Smasha Squig with a choice of two heads and two pauldrons.

The Squighog Boyz are armed with rokkit-propelled stikkas, and many of their limbs – and those of their mounts – have been replaced with bionic enhancements. 

The kit is comprised of 104 plastic components which allows you to assemble one Nob on Smasha Squig, three Squighog Boyz, and one Bomb Squig, and is supplied with 1x 90mm Oval Base, 3x 75mm Round Base, and 1x 25mm Round Base. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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Air paints pair seamlessly with the rest of the Citadel Colour range, featuring a thinner formulation that makes them work perfectly with your airbrush.
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Air paints pair seamlessly with the rest of the Citadel Colour range, featuring a thinner formulation that makes them work perfectly with your airbrush.  
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Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high-quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly.   Faction: Ten Thunders   Keyword: Monk   Contents:   Low River Monks x3 Wondering River Monks x3
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Acrylic paint for models and figures. 17ml High durability paint. Useable with brushes and airbrushes.
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We've all been there – time slows as your hand nudges an (inevitably brand new) pot of paint past the tipping point, and you're powerless to prevent the contents splashing in a tidal wave of vibrant, heavily pigmented liquid disaster across your models, hobby desk, lap, and even the carpet. But now, there’s a better way.This deceptively simple, sturdy rubber contraption holds three pots of paint upright, gripping your desk and providing a safe and secure platform to prevent accidents.
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Infinity is a 28mm metal miniature game that simulates skirmishes in a sci-fi, high-tech universe, an exciting and action-packed future of manga aesthetics, in which special operations determine the fate of humanity. Infinity has an innovative, dynamic and entertaining game system that allows all players to participate during the entire game sequence. A case with two books in full color. With revised and revamped rules, new troops, more backstory, and featuring O-12 and his Starmada Sector Army, Infinity N4 goes one step further!
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Citadel Technical paints have been designed to add a wide range of effects to your miniatures to provide even further details to your armies. This pot contains 24ml and is one of many paints in the Citadel Technical range. As with all of Citadel paints, it is a non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin Citadel miniatures.
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Citadel Layer paints are high quality acrylic paints that provide you with a huge range of colours and tones to choose from when you paint your miniatures. They are designed to be used straight over Citadel Base paints (and each other) without any mixing. By using several layers you can create a rich, natural finish on your models that looks fantastic on the battlefield.   All of our paints are non-toxic, water-based acrylic that are designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin Citadel miniatures. One pot contains 12ml of layer paint.
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