Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves are a perfect choice for all TCG brain athletes!

Designed for your daily use, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves combine precision engineering and high-quality materials with an additional focus on value.

Meant as an everyday sleeve, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves offer an attractive price point and also feature fully opaque backing, a perfect shuffle feel, and high-quality durability for those long gaming sessions.

Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves will be your ideal companion, built to endure the daily grind – from kitchen table play to in-store play, and even demanding events.

- 100 sleeves for the protection of standard-sized cards

- Matte finish

- Remarkable opacity

- Superior shuffle feel

- Exceptional lifespan and durability

- Acid free, no PVC

- Sleeve size: 66 x 91 mm

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High-quality, double-sided pocket pages (18 pockets, 9 pockets each on front and back side), that fit in almost any D-Ring-Binder, thanks to the double reinforced 11-hole strip. Each pack contains 10 pages for storing and carrying at least 180 double-sleeved cards (18 per page). - Side-loading Design - Double reinforced 11-hole strip - Extra durable base material with semi-transparent middle layer - 10 pages holding at least 180 double-sleeved cards - 9-Pocket Pages with double page design - Fit in almost any D-Ring Binder - Extra high clearness of the protective foil - Acid free, no PVC - Page size: approx. 237 x 290 mm Ideal for the Ultimate Guard Supreme Collector Album XenoSkin.
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Ki-Gu-Mi Puzzle - Ferris Wheel

Ki-Gu-Mi is a range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly 3D wooden puzzles with an easy to follow construction process. All the necessary parts come flat-packed in a number of pre-cut plywood sheets. Kits come in the form of animals, structures and don't require any tools. This giant Ferris Wheel spins around! ✔ Finished Size: 430x190x450mm ✔ Material: FSC™ Certified plywood ✔ Complexity: ★★★★☆ Reaching almost 50cm tall and just as wide, this feature puzzle fully spins! Ki-Gu-Mi fun fact: The first Ferris Wheel was built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. It remains the largest wheel ever built, weighing 1,300 tonnes and reaching a height of 25 stories!  
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The quintessential Ultimate Guard deck box: a timeless monocolored design with strong magnetic closure, card and dice trays for safe storage of your deck, and a resistant but smooth Xenoskin surface. Looking for additional safety? With room for 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved cards in standard size, the Flip'n'Tray 100+ has it all.   - Designed for 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves* - Modular design to combine with a variety of Ultimate Guard products - Removable card and accessory trays - Independent access to each tray - Resistant Xenoskin material - Monocolored design with quality microfiber inner lining - Strong magnetic closure   Dimensions approx.: 90 x 145 x 90 mm Card compartment (inner dimensions) approx.: 77 x 100 x 81 mm Card tray (inner dimensions) approx.: 67 x 59 x 70 mm Dice compartment (inner dimensions) approx.: 77 x 32 x 81 mm Dice Tray (inner dimensions) approx.: 67 x 27 x 70 mm   * Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility
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ULTRA PRO Pokémon – Haunted Hollow Deluxe Gaming Trove   The Deluxe Gaming Trove by Ultra PRO features vibrant artwork and maximum utility for every Pokémon Trading Card Game player or collector! The adjustable padded shoulder strap extends to up to 60 in. with a briefcase handle option. The Deluxe Gaming Trove provides customizable storage in a durable fabric shell. Each case includes five modular inserts and is specifically designed to store a playmat and several Ultra PRO Deck Boxes. In addition to the iconic Pokémon artwork, the custom zipper pull tab features the energy symbol. The Pokémon Deluxe Gaming Trove is the ultimate Pokémon TCG companion.   • Officially licensed Pokémon Trading Card Game carrying case featuring Gengar, Chandelure, Misdreavus, Sableye, and Mimikyu • Durable fabric shell features iconic Pokémon artwork • Adjustable strap (up to 60 in.) and modular inserts (5) for customized comfort and storage • 15 in. horizontal design perfectly stores a playmat and several Ultra PRO Deck Boxes • Custom zipper pull tab features psychic energy on one side and dark energy on the other
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The hero your cards deserve! Delve into the DC universe with Matte Art Sleeves featuring Superman from Justice Justice League license sleeves are made with the same 'Tough as Scales' quality as Dragon Shield, which means the art is printed directly on the sleeve and do not peel or split. Dragon Shield art sleeves are printed directly on a Dragon Shield sleeve. No layers, no peeling. Only beautiful artwork and a long-lasting protection.Matte sleeves are our popular line of textured Dragon Shield with superior handling. A perfect mix of durability and shuffle-ability. 100 art sleeves per box. For cards measuring up to 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”). PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe. 120 μm quality thickness. Sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ sleeved cards. Box lid has a label for your personal use. Designed for use with Magic the Gathering™, Pokémon™ and other card games.
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Looking for an easy way to carry your dice around? Look no further! Our oakie doakie dice bag with snap and clap closure are just what you need. They come in various colours and two different size options so no dice are left behind. No muss, no fuss - open and close your dice bag without a zipper that gets stuck half way or drawstrings that get tangled up. Makes it even more easy and convenient to bring the dice with you where ever you go! Material: Polyurethane Dimensions: 95 x 115 mm
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  9 tileable mats for a perfect 3‘ game field. Easily expandable with other tiles for a boundless gaming experience. Each tile is 30cm*30cm.   -Extra thick Play-MatThe soft-cushioned, 2 mm thick Play-Mat protects cards and accessories during gameplay. -Perfect for gameplayProtects gaming cards and accessories during gameplay -Anti-slip backsideThe anti-slip texture on the backside keeps the Play-Mat safely in place for maximum gaming grip. -High-quality surface materialEnjoyable gaming with perfect dice-rolling effect thanks to the soft fabric surface.   -9 tileable mats for a perfect 3' gameplay.  
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These translucent dice might remind you of a crystal sphere – they comes in different colours but all of them let you see right through to the other side. Maybe, if you try real hard, you can see your friend's future ... D6 dice are available in sets of 12 (16 mm) pieces and are packed in strong boxes with extendable shelves so you can easily take them with you and play wherever you want to. Ultimate Guard® compatible: The shelves in which the dice come packaged fit perfectly into the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray 80.
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The go-to budget card accessory: This reliable Deck Case offers safe storage for your decks. Available in various sizes and colors, including a write-on label for personalising the box. No frills, but honest protection. - Designed for 133 double-sleeved or 160 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves* - Card divider included - Optional write-on label sticker included - Durable, self-locking rigid box - Acid free, no PVC Dimensions: approx. 74 x 98 x 96 mm
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