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Auckland Model Citizens - Kill Teams: Reclamation of Hulk Consus

10:00am, Sunday 26th August, 2018

Kill Team: Reclamation of Hulk Consus


Hulk Consus has been uncovered on Ilda II in the Dead Zone. It was the flagship of the explorator fleet lost in 131.M39, headed by Arch-Magos Ezekiel Zetta.

Zetta had set out to recover STCs scattered across the galaxy. It is believed he found one before his fleet being lost in an Ork attack on their return home.


Your kill team has been dispatched to locate any salvageable tech from the wreckage, assess its usefulness and to ensure that it stays out of others hands, at any cost..


26/08/18 Sunday

Start: 10am, doors open 9am

Entry: $15

Team creation: Teams will be chosen from your command roster at the start of each game.
Teams must be battle-forged using the matched play rules pg. 62.
We will be using the “consequences of battle” expanded rules for gaining experience pg. 204

Presentation: While painted models is not a requirement, it is recommended.

Rounds: We will be playing 4-5 rounds depending on game length.

Missions: Missions will be revealed on the day and will be determined by the outcome of earlier rounds.