X-Wing – National Showdown 2021

9:00am, Saturday 24th July, 2021


$50.00 each
25 tickets left
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COVID LEVELS: Click here for more information about Covid Levels at Hobby Master.

Pilots! Thanks to the pandemic we're now long overdue for another national-level X-Wing event, and we've secured a venue for one!

On the 24th of July the Auckland X-Wing scene is proud to host the first post-pandemic major event, and we're very keen to see the rest of the country's players for a day (or two) of on-the-table honest-to-goodness X-Winging!

FORMAT: The event will be run with the Extended format, aka 'standard 200 point games', with a top cut.


We also have OFFICIAL PRIZE SUPPORT from the old FFG prize kits of 2019. So come getcha fancy official alt arts and, if you're a winner, alternate move templates, dial covers, and/or a card book!

Specifically, depending on the player turnout, the prizes are as follows:

Winner - A Fancy Trophy and an expired world's ticket which may be valid!
Top 2 - Plastic Ric Olié each
Top 4 - Special X-Wing Card Binder
Top 8 - Special Blue Plastic Maneuver Templates
Top 16 - Pack of 8 Obsidian Dice & blue plastic range rulers
Top 32 - Set of shiny plastic evade tokens and a plastic stealth device upgrade card
Participation - Alt art Corran Horn and Boba Fett cards.
Top Faction medals

A player's pack will be posted shortly with all the information you need! This is a two-day event  so for those who don't make the cut there will be a special Epic side event on the Sunday.

Ticket prices are as follows:
Entry - $50 (Price includes 2-day admission, store credit, and payment to the prize pool.

Make sure your mark your interest on this page so we can get immediate tracking for numbers, the event is gonna be big!

Just under two months until the event, and we can't wait to see you there!